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Thursday, June 2, 2011

All planted.......

Oh my. The last three nights (as I predicted...) I have been planting, planting, planting!!! I am happy to tell you that all of the plants that we bought on Monday are in their Summer homes!! I would love to report that I am all done...but, alas, that is not the case!!! I will be honest with you...I am, actually OK with that!! I really do love all aspects of gardening (although I could have done without the extreme heat and humidity of the last few days...) but my favorite part is figuring out what I want to plant where and the actual planting. The problem with this year is that the process kept getting delayed and it was getting later and later and I was starting to panic!! I feel better now...not at all "behind" like I did before...so now I can enjoy the last few projects and give them a little more thought....more importantly....I can do them in the light of day....no more planting by the light of the moon!!! This picture is a small part of my herb "collection"....even now, as I sit here writing this, I can smell all of the herbs on me and my clothes....my kind of aroma therapy!! Everyone who knows how large and involved our gardens are asks me how I do it. With all that I need to do in a day...how do I find time to garden too? The answer to that is really simple...I don't think of it as "more work" but rather as a release from all of the stress of the day (not that I am insinuating that you all cause stress....) it's what I enjoy...if it happens to be what you enjoy, too, well...I think we are very lucky!!! We have a great hobby, stress relief, fresh air and a gorgeous yard....who could ask for anything more?? Have a great night!!!

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