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Monday, June 13, 2011

Busy, busy day.......

Well...this is not what I had planned to post on here. We worked for hours and hours and I was SO excited to go out and take a whole bunch of new pictures....but we seem to be having some technical difficulties and the pictures are not loading. So, I will use one of our bluebirds from last year, and hope that this fixes itself soon. If it does, I promise new pictures of the gardens! It looks great...everything is weeded, edged, mulched, planted, pruned and, generally, primped....bring on Summer!!! In addition to all of this activity...we spent the afternoon with my Grandson. He loves to be outside...luckily it was a beautiful day to enjoy the great outdoors (unlike last week...) so we were able to make him happy!!! We played ball and we "golfed", clapped...a lot (he LOVES the roar of the "crowd") had pizza for lunch (which he, also, loves) fed the fish, walked in the orchard to see all of the baby apples, "mowed" the grass (with his lawn mower...) and played in the fountain...and discovered a way to get MomMom soaked in the process!!! All in all...a busy day...but one spent doing some of my very favorite things!! I watched and marveled, today, at how quickly the last 18 months have gone....my Grandson is getting so big and it seems like yesterday that he was brand new!! The great thing about that is...as much as I loved him when he was tiny....I love him even more now. Each age and milestone brings with it another part of them to get to know and love. And that holds true no matter how "BIG" they are. My "baby" will turn 24 this Sunday. I used to hear other parents say things like I wish they had stayed little, or it was easier when they were smaller...I never felt that way. Each new part of their lives was a new adventure...and still is...and I wouldn't have traded them for anything. So....at 18 months (almost) he is learning new words everyday, running just about everywhere and paying VERY close attention to EVERYTHING you do....and then trying to do it too!!! I love this age....but I will love 2 and 3 and 4....and twenty something just as much...maybe even more!!! Go out and have a great night everyone!!!!

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