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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fairies, Gnomes and strawberry jam......

Well...I've done it again...I've let the whole week slide by with no blog!!! I have been working on the yard and getting the rest of my gardens all planted. I am not making excuses...Just saying!! I still have a little bit to do...I am hoping that the rain will take a break later so that I can finish up....I'm glad to see the rain, mind you, and the cooler temperatures that have come with it....but I would like to get the rest of the flowers and herbs in the ground! This is my miniature fairy garden....the whole garden at the "deep end" of the pool is a "magical" garden....full of fairies and gnomes and other creatures....and plants that have magical qualities or meanings. It is one of my passions. Now that I think I have finished up with my plant purchasing....(I am, actually, never really FINISHED....) I realize that we did our part to help many small, local, greenhouses...we "spread the love" this year!! I spent some money in all of my favorite spots....I hope they all have a good season!! Mother Nature sure isn't helping any of them....We went to one of my favorite places after work, Thursday night. The owner is a friend of mine...I send all of my "students" to her when the conversation turns to herbs...she has a great selection...lots of unusual stuff...and she is very knowledgeable. They grow all of their plants and flowers and they, also, grow produce that they sell....she was telling me what a horrible time they have had this Spring!!! I am going to get on my "soap box" again (haven't been here for awhile!!!) please try to buy "local" as much as you can, this Summer. This is how the small growers make a living. I bought some strawberries while we were there...AMAZING!!! We now have some of the best strawberry jam EVER to enjoy in the months ahead....and I will be heading back, soon, even if I don't need any more plants....well, maybe just ONE more!!!!  :)  Have a great weekend!!!

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