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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Merry Christmas....6 months ago....6 months to go.....

So...what were you doing 6 months ago? There is a very good possibility that you were frantically trying to get everything ready for Christmas!!!! It was ONLY 6 months ago....isn't that crazy??? It has gone SO fast....heck JUNE has gone SO fast....we are in the last full week and the 4th of July is right around the corner!!! All of this may not be on YOUR mind....but it's on mine!! We have gotten 3 big boxes of Christmas merchandise in this week....and I am trying to get the rest of my orders together so I don't miss anything wonderful for all of you!!! Since "Christmas and a half" lands on a weekend...I think it would be fun to watch a Christmas movie or listen to Christmas music and cook something "Christmas-y"....maybe some Christmas cookies.....Hmmm, I am hosting the family Ladies Night this month (Saturday night...) I "picked" Pennsylvania Dutch....but I am not overjoyed with the idea....I wonder if I can make Pennsylvania Dutch Christmas Food....I am, already, way more excited about that idea than I was with the Pennsylvania Dutch thing....I will have to give this some thought....I'll let you know what I decide to do....in the meantime....Merry Christmas (and a half....)!!!! If you do anything fun, this weekend....let me know!!!!

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