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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

So....candy corn or candy canes?? Well, that seems to be the question recently. I have ordered most of my Halloween merchandise...but I am still getting some catalogs of interest and I am giving them my attention. I am, also, getting my Christmas catalogs in and trying to give them my attention, too. I got an email, today, with the new "mid-year" releases from Byers' Choice...(which are really cool for all of you collectors....) and UPS brought a nice big box of Halloween merchandise....(yes, already! Talking about it and planning for it is a whole lot different than having it show up!!!) On top of that we are planning this Halloween event for the 1803 House and I started a facebook page and a blog to keep everyone pumped and excited for it....so most of my "spare" time is spent sending emails to prospective Artisans or looking for recipes and fun hints etc. all about Halloween. Needless to say, it (Fall and Halloween) is very much on my mind....then, a few days ago, I realized that we are almost at the halfway point to Christmas (June 25th is exactly 6 months from last Christmas and 6 months away from next Christmas...) and I thought that would make for some fun right here on THIS blog...so I am trying to come up with really great stuff to talk about on here. So, again I ask....candy corn or candy canes....Oh my!!! I do paperwork and pay bills on a Tuesday....I cannot tell you how many times I had to think what today's date was....no, not the day....the MONTH!!! Of course....you realize it is only mid-June....and not, technically, even Summer yet??  Hahahahaha......Jingle Bells, Trick-or-Treat, School's out for Summer!!! Where is the sunscreen, has anyone seen my costume and I think we need to hang those stockings!!!! Stay tuned.....this is going to be fun!!!!!  :)

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