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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What does Home Sweet Home mean to you????.......

Home Sweet Home. What does that mean to you? I know it's different for everybody. Our home is an old farmhouse...complete with wide windows and pine floors. Built in cupboards and great old molding. Wainscoting in the kitchen and solid wood doors. Our home holds all of our families treasures and collections....and, more importantly, memories. I love to decorate for every Holiday and season...and I am a collector. I don't like spare, sparsely decorated spaces....I like rooms with personality and whimsy~~and stuff!! Our home is surrounded by gardens. We have a formal herb garden, lots of perennials and annuals that attract birds and butterflies, hydrangeas, roses and lots of trees. We, also, have a small orchard and an enchanted fairy garden (this is one of the fairy houses my husband made for me!!) Needless to say....all of this takes up ALL of our spare time. We put in a lot of hours with our business....and, pretty much, all of what is "left over" goes into maintaining all of the above. The reason I am telling you all of this is because it is almost the Fourth of July. We take a little time off around the 4th. This year we will be closed Sunday the 3rd and Tuesday the 5th....the 4th is on a Monday and we are always closed on Monday. So....we will have a 3 day "vacation"....OK, you ask....and???? I find that most people don't think that spending time at home is a "vacation"....and I KNOW most people don't think that working in the gardens or on their homes is a vacation!!!! I, also, think that most people need a lot more than three days to have time off qualify as "vacation" time. The fact of the matter is....we, genuinely, love spending time in what we have worked so hard to create...that goes for both our home AND our business. I know it seems like a lot of hard work...and it IS...but, it's what makes us happy!!!! So...we will take our three days....try to relax, (some), swim in our pool, chill out in our pool house....but we, also, want to get the forsythia pruned, the poolhouse deck re-stained and a few other little projects taken care of. So...what DOES Home Sweet Home mean to you?? For us....it means a great place to spend our time!!!!

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