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Monday, June 6, 2011

Whew...what a weekend!!!!!!

I apologize....again....I have slipped in my blogging duties!! I do have a good excuse, though. I had one whopper of a weekend!!!!!!!! ~~ There are SO many things that I enjoy....truly ENJOY....doing. One of those is cake decorating. I have been doing it for 28 years. I started the year my son turned 2...I made him a train cake...well, actually, several cakes...all lined up to look like a train. They were covered in candy and cookie details...wheels, cargo etc. I loved doing it so much that I started to do it "professionally". Over the years I have done many, many wedding cakes, birthday cakes, baptism cakes....I have even done "portrait" cakes (with pictures I "painted" in icing...) and a few for some famous people. The demands of the amazing business that we have built have dictated that "something's got to give"...and that something was the cake decorating. No one can "do" what we do....because no one else is "us"....but lots of people can decorate cakes. So I decided to concentrate more on all of the unique things that make us so special and leave the decorating to someone else. I, also, gave up the wedding cake end of things. I am "type A" as I have mentioned before...so that demanded that I be the one to deliver and set up....which meant leaving the shop for however long it took to get it all perfect. Somehow...that just didn't feel right. So...I stopped offering that service, too. All in all....I don't notice where anyone minds, really, the "old-fashioned, homemade, from scratch" desserts that we make are in HIGH demand....and appropriate for anytime...or everyday, if you choose :)....so I have been very happy that I made the choices that I did. Now...all of that said...every now and then I make an exception. This, particular, weekend....I made a whole bunch!!!! We have a family that comes in all the time....in fact my daughter went to school with one of the kids....well, there was a wedding. She wanted our cakes (thank you!!) and was willing to "work" with me...she got 10 (all different flavors) of our  old-fashioned, homemade, from scratch cakes and I didn't have to "tier them" so I said I would do it. Another family that is important to us....had a first birthday. They wanted a Dr. Seuss theme...I am sure you see the results by the pictures....how do you refuse a FIRST birthday? The end result? It all got done...although I'm not sure how....lunch was served, the bakery case was full, the gift shop was very busy, all of my other orders got done and all of these "exceptions" got done, too!!! Thank you, whole heartedly, to my amazing "staff" (family) Happy Birthday, Happy Wedding....I am going back to bed!!!!

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