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Monday, July 25, 2011

I believe.....

I believe in the power of positive thinking. I believe everyone should have a can-do attitude. I believe in mind over matter and that every problem has a solution. I, also, believe that even I have my breaking point. Last week's weather....was absolutely horrible....and, as the week drug on.....I was beginning to believe that I was going to have to throw in the towel!!!! I never give up....or back down....but, I thought, there is a first time for everything....and this is it!!!! However, it is Monday...our "weekend"....we made it...we survived....and tomorrow is a new day. I am hoping that the combination of the emptiness of the shop and the, slightly, lower temperatures today, as well as the rain they are calling for and the fact that the oven isn't on full blast, will give the building, itself, a chance to cool down. I am, also, hoping that the worst is over. As I sit here...in the air-conditioning...writing this...I feel positive again. I am positive that, this too shall pass....and one of the reasons I am so positive about that is the great expectations that I have this week. Today is the day that I named as my ship date for my huge, highly anticipated, Halloween order. I placed this order months and months ago.....and now it is here. Surely that means that Fall is right around the corner!!!!! I am expecting other Fall, Halloween and Christmas merchandise this week, too, and I am putting the finishing touches on my smaller orders, this week, and getting them in. I had planned to do it all last week....but it got to the point where I didn't feel confident in my decisions because of the heat stress....yes, that's how bad it was....I didn't want to make mistakes. Hey...we are known for our amazing Holiday merchandise and are, rapidly, gaining a reputation as THE go-to place for gifts (both to give AND to keep....) so I don't want a box full of "what was I thinking" to show up.....I will keep you posted on the deliveries....I won't tell you what is in the boxes....but I will tease the heck out of you while they are coming in.....we don't want to ruin the surprise!!!! We have to have SOMETHING to look forward to.....they are calling for the next heat wave!!!! Positive thinking .... positive thinking....positive thinking....


  1. can't wait to see all of the neat things you ordered so I can bring some of that excitment to Ca. Sandy

  2. I'm so ready for fall. I hope to stop by soon and see all your goodies.