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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lights....on water......

This is our poolhouse. I know I have shown it to you, before....but there has been an addition to it. This past Saturday was Ladies Night. I have told you about this, too. Once a month we get together for dinner...and take turns hosting....well, while I was at Ladies Night, my husband worked on a surprise for me. He bought strings of little white lights and put them all over the poolhouse. It was very dark when we got home...so he took me out and turned them on....SURPRISE!!!! It is SO pretty!!! I will try to take a "night" shot so that you can see how cool it is!!! My Grandson saw them, last night, it wasn't pitch dark, yet, when they left....but it was still pretty!!! He said " lights....on water..." (he is only 17 months old....) he loved them, too!!! So...this is where I will be spending this evening.... It was a long day....and I got several big boxes full of Halloween surprises ( I know you all can't wait and that this teasing is driving you crazy....and, yes, I am doing it on purpose!!!) and I am bushed ..... looking forward to relaxing in my newly lit poolhouse...ironically, I have not been able to since he finished it!! We worked Sunday night, it rained Monday night and everyone was at the house last night!! Hahaha....but, tonight....I am heading out back!!!   Hope all of you have a great night too!!!!

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