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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Memories......sweet ones!!!

Memories can be funny things. Sometimes they come to you because of something you smell or hear. Sometimes they come to you because of something you taste (birch beer does that for me...my MomMom always had it in her refrigerator....) and then, sometimes, it's something you see....like a little red wagon. My MomMom always had one in her garage. She used it to haul things around in her garden. It was like a wheelbarrow....but much daintier and more romantic. It was, also, easier to pull stuff than it was to push it!!!! When my kids would visit her house in Chalfont....her little red wagon became their entertainment. There was a small hill in the neighborhood that they decided would make a great place to "ride" the wagon. They talked about that....forever....how much fun it was and how much fun she was for letting them do this "daredevil" stunt. (We use the road through her old neighborhood as a shortcut to Byers' Choice when there is a retailers event...my daughters were with me, one time, and saw the "hill"....from an adult perspective....it's really not more than a bump in the road. Sort of shot that whole "daredevil" thing right down!!!!) When she passed away...I went to an antique mall and bought a little red wagon. I "parked" it in one of my flower beds and planted it with flowers....for the memories. Now.....my Grandson is carrying on the tradition. We went and visited them (on his home turf....they, usually, come to us...) on the 4th of July. He was showing us his wagon and PopPop put him in it and took him for a ride. The next day....we went searching  for a little red wagon!!! We found this one, once again, in an antique mall. It's an old one....but very well taken care of. My husband "oiled" the wood and touched up a scuff mark or two on the white part of the wheels. Sometimes newer versions of the "classics" are not built "like they used to be"....this one is heavy and solid and will be around for a long time....hopefully full of memories!!!! As I watched my Husband pull him all around the yard, last night, I thought....MY MomMom would get a big kick out of this!!!! Thank Goodness for those memories!!!!

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