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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Simple pleasures....

Some days are diamonds...some days are stones....sometimes you need to find your Happy Place. I find myself doing more and more, thinking about more and more, planning more and more....and I am OK with that. However, I am also finding that I need constant, little doses of "Happy Place" to keep my thoughts clear, my plans organized and my energy in all that I have to do. I realize that there are many of you who are finding yourselves in this same boat....between the kids, the house, your job, your significant other, pets, yards, groceries....it can be overwhelming!!! So...what do you do?? Everyone has a different idea of their "happy place"....luckily for us....many, many, many people have decided to come and visit our shop when they need their happy time!!!! It is, after all, about finding a few, uncomplicated moments that re-energize your spirit....what could be better than sitting and having a nice lunch with a friend and then going shopping??? For me, though, it is the simple pleasures. I love to watch the birds in my backyard, I love to walk around the gardens, in the morning, with my coffee, I love to read a new magazine, light candles, bake something....(yes...really....even though I do it ALL day!!! :) ) rug hook (which I don't do enough!!!) watch a good movie. As nice as it is to have the big adventures to look forward to....it is the little things that make it all worth while. So....make a cup of tea, get a good book and sit and treat yourself to a few stolen moments... Here's to hoping you find all of those little things that make you happy!!!! Have a great, rest of your weekend!!!!

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