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Monday, July 11, 2011

Sometimes you need to chill......

Sometimes you just need to chill. That was, primarily, how we spent our day off....I had several topics that I was considering for my Blog, this evening....and then I realized that I left my camera at the shop. I wrestled....briefly....with the idea of getting into the car and going over to pick it up.....and then...decided that I just didn't feel like it!!! This heat and humidity really saps the energy!!! I put a few hours in, this morning, weeding and watering...and Emma from Patch came and took pictures for a garden story that they are running this week. After that, I hung out in the pool and the pool house all day!!! Too hot for anything else!! My Grandson entertained our evening away....( and that is a whole other post...)and now I am heading to bed!!! I am not looking forward to the weather, tomorrow....it's supposed to be worse than today....Oh....the joys of July!!!! Stay cool and have a great night!!!

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