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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Up on that soapbox.......

I think I need to get on my soapbox.....I haven't been up here in a little while, but I have a few things to say!!!! I spend a good portion of my time running this business. I have to order, shop, cook, bake, do the paperwork, pay the bills, rearrange all of the merchandise displays, take care of the garden.....it takes a lot of time. However....I always MAKE time to stand in your shoes. I really give a lot of thought to what you see from the minute you step onto the sidewalk to the minute you leave. We are in an interesting position....we are retail....as retail as anybody can be....but we are also a restaurant. So...I give a lot of thought to when seasonal decorations should start to show up....I mean, we may put the Halloween merchandise out, for sale,  in the middle of August....but the fireplace mantle will not get changed over until mid to late September. I wouldn't want to sit and eat my lunch in the middle of the Summer surrounded by Jack-o-lanterns and ghosts....it's too soon....this is where the soapbox comes in.... I am a collector....I LOVE Fall and Halloween. If I happen to stumble onto something decorative for that time of year, now, I get a little excited at the prospect of the upcoming season....I can't help it!!! However...I KNOW it is too early NOW for the Halloween offerings to be out on the floor....(although we went to a well known establishment on Monday....and they had it ALL out....) I don't want to "rush" things...although, all of you fellow collectors will back me up here, I don't want the new offerings to show up in October, either, that's too late!!!! I feel, very strongly, that when I put all of the Fall and Halloween merchandise out, it is the right time...or I wouldn't do it. Judging by the amount of merchandise that leaves the shop in those first few weeks....I think I am doing the right thing!! Right now.....this very minute....we have a flyer on the counter for the "1803 House: A Very Merrie Halloween" event that I am helping to plan for this October 1st. It is a black and orange piece of paper that is supposed to help you remember this awesome event and help you to plan that day so that you can be there. It is in weeks....not months....weeks. We just wanted to get the word out there so that you don't miss it!!! If one more person says "Halloween already"...and I hear it.....I may just scream!!!! It isn't a decoration....or even for sale....it's just a friendly reminder on a piece of paper. I want you to come....I don't want you to miss this event.....just pick up the piece of paper and take it home....hang it on your refrigerator....circle the date on the calender....but stop saying "Halloween already"....or I just might put those pumpkins and witches on the fireplace to keep you company for the rest of the Summer....thank you for listening....and good night!! :)

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