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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A wonderful 4th.....

Oh my goodness....I have fallen down on the job again!!! This time of year is really just crazy busy....that's all there is to it!!! We had our mini vacation....today was our first day back to work. We didn't venture too far from home...and that was just fine. Sunday morning I made blueberry muffins with the blueberries I got at my friend's farmstand....we ate them outside on the patio....it was really nice....and the last time we sat down that day!!!! We got a whole bunch of little projects done around the garden....weeding, pruning, planting....it was great because I could enjoy the process, knowing that if we didn't get EVERYTHING done it was OK....because we had another day!! I really don't think the gardens have ever looked better!!! On Monday, we went to the Kutztown Folk Festival. We have gone every year for as long as I can remember....at least the last 20 years. It is part of our Summer. My son didn't go...because he lives in Kutztown, now...and the novelty has worn off. All of those extra people and extra traffic has taken the "shine" off the thing for him!!! But, both of our daughters and their boyfriends went along with us this year. The only part of the whole experience that I would change would be the time of year that they have it....it is ALWAYS SO HOT!!!!! We go early....we're there when they open....but by lunchtime....I am ready to come home!!! I just can't handle the heat!!! The only cool spot they have is the quilt barn...it's air-conditioned!!! When I just can't take it anymore...I head for the quilts!!! Looking at them is a real treat....air-conditioning aside....just beautiful pieces of ART!!! That is one thing on my "bucket list"....I would love to make a patchwork quilt. One of these days.~~~ My niece hosts the Fourth of July picnic in our family. She lives in Nazareth....so we headed up there and spent the rest of the day with our family. She does a great job....always a huge spread....and on our way home we can see, literally, all of the fireworks displays!!! Ohhh....look at that one.....Ohhh....look at THAT one....the trick is not to look so much that you forget you're driving!!!!!! We finished our vacation the way we started it....and the hard work paid off!! It looks "awesome" (one of my Grandson's new words!!!!) and, now....other than a little maintenance....we can enjoy the fruits of our labor!! And when all of our tomatoes ripen...so can you!!!! Have a great night!!!!

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