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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Halloween is on it's way.........

Tomorrow is the big day!!! I must confess....there was a good dose of panic, earlier this week. Under normal circumstances, once I set the date for the Big Halloween Reveal....I am flooded with ideas. Where to put what, what to put where. Sometimes it wakes me up in the night!!! But, this week, I have been blanking...and seem to be easily distracted. I would start to think about the new merchandise....both what we have already received and all of the amazing surprises yet to come...and, a few minutes later, I would realize that I was focusing on something else completely!!! I was beginning to think that I was going to have to wing it....and then, the flood gates opened on Saturday morning!!! I was wide awake at 4:00 am thinking about Halloween!! Whew....that was a little scary!!! I have never had "creators block" before!!! All is well....and I am ready to work first thing tomorrow morning!!! Make sure your plans include a trip to Sweet Memories, this week......you know what they say about the early worm!!! We have things you don't want to miss out on....and even more on the way!!! Awww....I guess that means a lot of trips to Sweet Memories are in your future....I know, it's tough!!! I will try to remember to take some pictures while I am working tomorrow....Have a great night!!!!  :):):)


  1. Doesn't that always seem to happen? At the last minute, all these wonderfully creative ideas come streaming in? Like, where've they been hiding all this time? Just quietly simmering on the back burner of our minds? Ha Hah! Your not alone, happens to me too. Looking forward to checking out your Hallowe'en goodies!

  2. I'm just glad they showed up for the party!!! Hahahahha.....