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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hurdles.....and moving on.....

Some days you just want to scream. Today was one of those days. Every thing and every body make you just want to go back to bed. On days like that, it seems like it's just one thing after another....and, of course, it IS!!! I believe that we make our own paths....and when you allow your path to have one hurdle or another in it....whether you let things get to you or let things make you angry ...you will find yourself tripping all over the place!!! I try to deal with everything as it comes....I don't "put things off"....I don't let things get bottled up...I don't play games!! When I am....shall we say "not happy"....it's not too hard to tell. I get the frustration out....let you know how I feel...try to clear the air and then move on. When I don't do that....I find that everything that COULD go wrong...will. I don't like to have days like this... but then...I have a meeting with one of my Reps....and all is well again!!! I have some of the COOLEST surprises for all of you....some for right now....some for down the road. Oh....you are going to LOVE Halloween at Sweet Memories this year!!!! Save those pennies and don't buy ANYTHING until you see what we have in store for you!!! The hurdles are gone....and so are the potholes....I am moving on!!! I have a few more catalogs to check out  :):):)....you all have a great night!!!

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