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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Life is Good.....

I hope this blog post finds you and yours safe and, if you were in the path of Irene.... well on the road to recovery. It was an experience I hope none of us have to go through again. In the scope of things....it could have been worse...for us, anyway. Tuesday morning...we were trying to juggle the things we were still concerned with, here at home....(dirty pool and the sump-pump being the top 2....) and trying to regain some normalcy at the shop. My son and Grandson came for a visit....and, all of a sudden, you realize what is REALLY important. All he knows is that it was raining....and that meant he couldn't go outside. Other than that.....life is, pretty much, the same. He wants to go outside and play baseball with PopPop....watch the "big trucks" go by on the road....color with his crayons (which he can identify by color...and he is only 18 months old) and tell you that he is an artist. He, also, wants to "fist bump"....another new trick!!! After they went home, I spent the rest of the afternoon realizing how lucky we were....Some of my friends were still without power, many many people lost property....we just had to clean ours up...and some even lost people they love. The sun was shining....the air had a feeling of Fall and we have this face!!!! Life is Good. Have a great night!!!   :):):)


  1. Hello,Ive managed to find your lovely blog from facebook ,gorgeous!! lovely to meet you .
    X Amanda X

  2. Thank you, Amanda!!! It's been lovely to meet you, too!!