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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Muddy Banks....

I have been in business, for myself, for 24 years.....that's if you count the years that I spent building and creating what was the foundation for what we are now. In those 24 years I have learned quite a few lessons. I think every lesson learned is a valuable one....every experience makes you who you are....both as a business and as a person. If someone were to ask me what I thought was the most important piece of business advice...I would say, without a doubt, to treat EVERYONE the way you would want to be treated. Every person that comes in the door has the potential to be your best customer. Every person you meet on the street has the potential to be your best contact....and, of course, the one that I think is VERY frequently over-looked....every other business owner has the ability to help you toward your goals....or stand on the muddy banks and watch you go down!!!! I will never, ever understand when another business owner treats one of their "own" with any kind of disrespect!! I am on the planning committee for the "1803 House: A Very Merrie Halloween"...as I do with EVERYTHING I do...I am giving this 200%. I "cruise" the internet ALL the time...looking for Halloween artists and vendors of fine Fall merchandise to make this the BEST event this area has ever seen. I am networking like crazy....trying to find just the right people to be involved. I "found" someone in the area (sort of...) and sent them an email....telling them how wonderful I thought their product was and that we would love for them to consider joining us. It took a little more than a week to respond....and it was short, cold....and kinda rude!!!! You know....it just takes a few minutes to make a friend. It could be a contact that will benefit you for a very long time!! But, in all fairness, maybe they were just too busy to spend those few minutes being kind!!! Well....that's OK....it takes much LESS time to be rude....and the "side effects" of THAT action will last even longer!!!! I have watched businesses open....and close....I have had the pleasure of calling fellow business owners "friends" and I have been on the receiving end of the "green-eyed" monster in action!!! Somewhere along the line you need to decide, both as a business person and as a PERSON....which road YOU are going to take....as for me....I am going to stand here on the muddy banks....I am on solid ground.

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