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Monday, August 1, 2011

The notebook...and control.....

I find myself saying "note to self" about 400 times a day. I have three, separate piles of catalogs and the notes and possible orders that go with them, on my desk as we speak. I have no problem with making notes, lists and even diagrams....the question is...which notebook did I write all of this information IN??? I have had enough. I am waving the white flag. I need to get organized....or, I should say, MORE organized. This time of year is particularly stressful. I need to have all of my Fall, Halloween and Christmas orders placed. The problem is...I have to have them placed SO far in advance...that I forget what I ordered. I, also, need to store all of this merchandise as it comes in....some of it is in the storeroom at the shop....the bulk of it goes into the spare room at home...I forget what is where....whether it has come in or I am still waiting for it....frankly, there are moments I think I may have dreamed the whole order!!! I, also, am "cooking" up my displays....I write down, or sketch, the ideas as they come to me...then forget where I put the papers!!! (more than likely...buried in the 3 piles of catalogs....) and then, I am scheduling the Fall classes and jotting down recipe ideas to teach for each of them....I am sure you have figured out where THOSE notes go, too. SO, today, I went to the store...headed for the back to school section (which I have NOT had to visit in some time!!!) and bought a notebook. This, my friends, is not just ANY notebook....it has a handle AND a shoulder strap!!! I think it, also, has a place for everything so that everything will be in it's place!!! I love the business we have created and built....and I love that it keeps growing and becoming more and more successful....I, even, love ALL of the MANY jobs that I do in a day....but I HAVE to have complete control....(I have explained that "type A" thing already) and I do NOT at this moment. SO....my project for this week....get everything organized in my new notebook. Once I get that baby all set up and filled in....there will be NO stopping me.....who would have thought a notebook could be so powerful??? I feel back in control, already!!!   Have a great night!!!

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