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Monday, August 22, 2011

Shhhhhh.....here it is....

SURPRISE!!!! I would like to introduce you to our new sign!! We started this process a long time ago....had several people come out and give us an estimate....you know, all the things that you have to do to get a new sign!! We decided to go with this company...I liked his work and he listened to me! Even though we were, simply, replacing the old U-G-L-Y lamp-post that was there, and recreating the signature "cupcake"....we went to the borough....like good little business owners...assuming that they would "get us" for the cost of a permit. Oh No...we had to go in front of the zoning board and get permission to have a sign...which we ALREADY have....that is, approximately, the same size and in the same place as the one we have had for 16 years. And, the zoning board only meets once a month....at the end of the month....and this was just AFTER the meeting for June...so we had to wait for the July meeting. Are you getting the gist of my frustration?? And, of course, all of this wasted time doesn't figure into the time it's going to take to MAKE the sign....and we don't want to do all of that work only to find out that we will, in fact, be the ONE business who has their request rejected. I am not even going to get into the $$$$$$ of this ridiculousness...because that just makes my blood pressure go through the roof!!! I understood the need for the permit (which was an additional fee, by the way!!!) but the rest of this was a joke!!! Well....here we are....MONTHS later.....and we have our sign!!! After 16 years of dealing with the lamp-post thing, people "hanging" on it (yes, you read that correctly....who could possibly be SO childish as to hang on a businesses sign???? That, my friends, will remain one of life's great mysteries!!!) the wind "spinning" it sideways....and the cold, cruel Winter freezing it that way...and...all of the "political" garbage that we had to go through...we, finally, have a real, honest to goodness, grown up, professional sign!!! Can I hear a WoooHooo??? It looks great....I can't wait for all of you to see it!!! And, by the way, as you walk up the sidewalk....admiring it's awesomeness....look down. That HUGE boulder...was in the ground approximately 2 foot....and had to be removed....if my husband looks a little "hunched" over or seems to be moving with some difficulty....you know why!!! Isn't it funny how the "simple" projects....NEVER are!!!!!!!!!! :):):)

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