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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Let's catch up!!.......

It has been too long....and I want to apologize!! I didn't mean to fall behind on my blogging....but life just took too much of my time!! But I think the gardening season is, officially, over....not because we have had any frost....but because it has just rained and rained and rained....and EVERYTHING is just water soaked....including me!!! I don't even want to be outside....not only because everything looks SO SAD...but because we have been dealing with July-like humidity for what seems like weeks....and, frankly, it's gross!!! So...the point I am making....I should be able to get back on track with my blog!!~~ So...let's catch up!!! We are all ready for Halloween....both at the shop and at home!! This Saturday is our first annual "1803 House: A Very Merrie Halloween" event.....I cannot believe how quickly time flew and that it's here already!!! We are all excited and looking forward to it...and dealing with all of those last minute things, too.....but I am sure it's gonna be GREAT!!!! Last night was the first class in our Fall schedule....I can't believe how quickly THAT went, either!!! It seems like I just wrote that school was out for Summer!!!! The class was the biggest one yet....and we did pumpkins and apples. It was a lot of fun!! We made pumpkin lasagna, pumpkin biscuits, a creamy apple salad, apple cake with butterscotch sauce, pumpkin gingerbread trifle and hot caramel apple cider. I think everyone was FULL when the class was over :) the next one is Halloween Treats.....and I already know what we are making....that's a HUGE accomplishment for me!! (Especially with all the rest of what I've got going on!!!) I have been slacking on the picture taking as well as the blogging....but I am going to try to get caught up on that, too. I am going to get lots of pictures of this event on Saturday....and I will get some of all of the Halloween decorations that we have been working on....both at the shop and at home. I want to take one of the front porch here at home....we lit it up this year!!! Grapevine, bittersweet and corn stalks....and orange lights!!! It looks so cool!!! I will get back on track...I promise!!! But, for now......I think we are all caught up!!! You guys have a great night....and, if you are locals....be sure to stop in and see us soon.....especially if you love Halloween. We have the BEST stuff EVER!! And be sure to come and check out our event on Saturday....we will be the ones selling the Witches Fingers.....cookies!!! Hahahaha.....what did you think I meant??????  :):):)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Where is September going.....

I think September is passing us at an alarming rate!! Next week is a crazy busy one for me!! I always say....once I put the Fall and Halloween merchandise out in our gift shops....we are on a roller coaster that will not slow down until January....what can I say?? WEEEEEEE........All of the special events that I have been planning for months....are upon me!!! I have so many ideas and recipes rolling around in my head....it's a little scary!! We have our classes....which start next week...and then the 1803 House Halloween event (I am making desserts that will be for sale...) our Halloween, "Harry Potter", Tea is coming up....all kinds of ideas for that, then we cater the Candlelight Dinner at the 1803 House in November ( if you haven't purchased your raffle tickets for that event yet....you should!!!)....yup....it's that slightly dizzy roller coaster feeling!! I have started to make lists.....nothing new....I make lists for everything!! Should I do that recipe for the Pumpkin and Apple Class....or save it for the Halloween Treats Class....that would be perfect for the Harry Potter Tea...oh, but that would make a great entree for the Candlelight Dinner....I have to make sure to bake some of those for the Very Merrie Halloween.....Yes...September is passing us at an alarming rate.....before you know it....it will be Gingerbread House Class time.....and then I will have to make some more lists!!! We have to get the tree, I want some greens for the porch, I have to find that truck for my Grandson....when am I going to make cookies for here at home....anyone want to join me on this ride???? It's fast....but it's FUN!!!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

A Vision realized......

You know what they say....if the shoe fits!!! Hahaha..

Are you all ready for some Halloween??? I sure hope so!! Not only does Sweet Memories have some of the BEST Fall and Halloween merchandise EVER....but I am helping to put the finishing touches on the BEST "special event" this area has ever seen!! In less than two weeks we will be experiencing the "1803 House: A Very Merrie Halloween".... the first annual and first of it's kind in this area!!! I am really getting excited...we have wonderful craft artists, storytellers, great food....apples, pumpkins, mums....basically everything you could want in a fantastic Fall Festival all rolled up into one great time!! This has been a lot of work and planning....but it's been worth it. The first time you take on something like this...it's a challenge. You find yourself trying to explain an event...that has never taken place (unless you count inside of your head...) and describe what you WANT it to be like. Sometimes it can be tough to get people to join you (in the case of the craft artists...) and have them put a ton of their time and energy into a project that has yet to be "proven"....but, somewhere along the way, there is a turning point....a moment when you realize that you have found an excellent group of people with amazing vision who believe in YOUR vision and are willing to invest their time, energy and talent to produce something that is heads and shoulders above the rest. That moment has, actually, come more than once the last few months!! I want to thank....in advance....all of the great people who are going to make Saturday October 1st awesome!!! I am really hoping that you will be able to count yourselves among them....enter an apple pie in our contest, enter a decorated pumpkin in that contest....get your tickets for the pork dinner and shop, Shop, SHOP!!! Just remember....while you are having an AMAZING time....all of the proceeds go to the 1803 House.....listen to the storytellers, vote for your favorite pumpkin, check out all of our amazing craft artists....and help the House.....does it get any better???
           If you guys have any questions about this event....please don't hesitate to call the shop!!!  :):):)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Yeah Fall.......

I think Fall has arrived....this morning was warm and humid....and now it is windy and cool!! Just like that. It's hard to believe that we are half way through this month already!! The inside of our house is all decorated....all I have to do is decorate the outside. It's, actually, a little easier said than done. I cannot....under any circumstances....KILL any of my flowers. I would like to fill our front porch with mums and pumpkins...but I will need to find another home for the buckets of flowers that I have there, now, first....because I can't pull flowers out of the buckets and replace them....especially when they are looking so good!!! I know this is illogical....but I am a gardener through and through. We had to run an errand after work....so we found ourselves on a few back, country roads. There were quite a few front yards and porches all done up for the Fall and Halloween....I think a lot of us are ready for the season to change. Let's face it....it wasn't the nicest Summer we've ever had....even if you are a Summer person. We are, now, more than 20 inches OVER our "normal" rainfall for the year....20...that's crazy!!! There were many times....on our drive....when I had a good view of the mountains....there is the tiniest hint of a color change....just a hint!! I hope Mother Nature puts on a great show for us in the coming weeks....it might help to make up for all of her "dirty deeds" the last few weeks!!! For everyone mourning the passing of Summer....sorry....but for all of my fellow Fall lovers.......I think a little hot cider, some soup simmering on the stove...a little apple pie...PARTY!!!!  :):):)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bring on Fall....

So....I thought that this picture sort of summed up September....a little Fall...a little Summer! It has been very interesting to listen to people talk this past week. Half of the population is beyond ready for the seasons to change, already....and the other half is depressed because Summer is over. I have to say I am with the first half!!! Especially after the weather we have been experiencing around here!! After that cursed Irene went through, and we survived, I thought....well, it can't possibly hit twice in the exact same area....so, at least we are in the clear. WRONG!!! So....ever the optimist....I am going to think...well, it can't possibly hit THREE times in the exact same area!!!! Let's hope that's true....because I don't think we can handle any more rain!!! Remember a few weeks ago, I asked you all to do a rain dance??? Well....can we throw that sucker in reverse and do a "enough rain already....please stop now" dance??? I am not sure how anyone who lived through the Summer of 2011 can possibly say they are not ready for it to be over....I am going to assume that what they actually mean is....they wish the ideal image of a perfect Summer that they have in their heads wouldn't be over....but, let's be realistic....that ISN'T what we had....so I am more than willing to wave a fond farewell....and hope that it's better next year!!!! I say.....bring on FALL!!!!