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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bring on Fall....

So....I thought that this picture sort of summed up September....a little Fall...a little Summer! It has been very interesting to listen to people talk this past week. Half of the population is beyond ready for the seasons to change, already....and the other half is depressed because Summer is over. I have to say I am with the first half!!! Especially after the weather we have been experiencing around here!! After that cursed Irene went through, and we survived, I thought....well, it can't possibly hit twice in the exact same area....so, at least we are in the clear. WRONG!!! So....ever the optimist....I am going to think...well, it can't possibly hit THREE times in the exact same area!!!! Let's hope that's true....because I don't think we can handle any more rain!!! Remember a few weeks ago, I asked you all to do a rain dance??? Well....can we throw that sucker in reverse and do a "enough rain already....please stop now" dance??? I am not sure how anyone who lived through the Summer of 2011 can possibly say they are not ready for it to be over....I am going to assume that what they actually mean is....they wish the ideal image of a perfect Summer that they have in their heads wouldn't be over....but, let's be realistic....that ISN'T what we had....so I am more than willing to wave a fond farewell....and hope that it's better next year!!!! I say.....bring on FALL!!!!

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