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Monday, September 19, 2011

A Vision realized......

You know what they say....if the shoe fits!!! Hahaha..

Are you all ready for some Halloween??? I sure hope so!! Not only does Sweet Memories have some of the BEST Fall and Halloween merchandise EVER....but I am helping to put the finishing touches on the BEST "special event" this area has ever seen!! In less than two weeks we will be experiencing the "1803 House: A Very Merrie Halloween".... the first annual and first of it's kind in this area!!! I am really getting excited...we have wonderful craft artists, storytellers, great food....apples, pumpkins, mums....basically everything you could want in a fantastic Fall Festival all rolled up into one great time!! This has been a lot of work and planning....but it's been worth it. The first time you take on something like this...it's a challenge. You find yourself trying to explain an event...that has never taken place (unless you count inside of your head...) and describe what you WANT it to be like. Sometimes it can be tough to get people to join you (in the case of the craft artists...) and have them put a ton of their time and energy into a project that has yet to be "proven"....but, somewhere along the way, there is a turning point....a moment when you realize that you have found an excellent group of people with amazing vision who believe in YOUR vision and are willing to invest their time, energy and talent to produce something that is heads and shoulders above the rest. That moment has, actually, come more than once the last few months!! I want to thank....in advance....all of the great people who are going to make Saturday October 1st awesome!!! I am really hoping that you will be able to count yourselves among them....enter an apple pie in our contest, enter a decorated pumpkin in that contest....get your tickets for the pork dinner and shop, Shop, SHOP!!! Just remember....while you are having an AMAZING time....all of the proceeds go to the 1803 House.....listen to the storytellers, vote for your favorite pumpkin, check out all of our amazing craft artists....and help the House.....does it get any better???
           If you guys have any questions about this event....please don't hesitate to call the shop!!!  :):):)

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  1. Hoping to find someone to watch the store for me so I can attend...sounds like so much fun - I love to shop!!!