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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Where is September going.....

I think September is passing us at an alarming rate!! Next week is a crazy busy one for me!! I always say....once I put the Fall and Halloween merchandise out in our gift shops....we are on a roller coaster that will not slow down until January....what can I say?? WEEEEEEE........All of the special events that I have been planning for months....are upon me!!! I have so many ideas and recipes rolling around in my head....it's a little scary!! We have our classes....which start next week...and then the 1803 House Halloween event (I am making desserts that will be for sale...) our Halloween, "Harry Potter", Tea is coming up....all kinds of ideas for that, then we cater the Candlelight Dinner at the 1803 House in November ( if you haven't purchased your raffle tickets for that event yet....you should!!!)....yup....it's that slightly dizzy roller coaster feeling!! I have started to make lists.....nothing new....I make lists for everything!! Should I do that recipe for the Pumpkin and Apple Class....or save it for the Halloween Treats Class....that would be perfect for the Harry Potter Tea...oh, but that would make a great entree for the Candlelight Dinner....I have to make sure to bake some of those for the Very Merrie Halloween.....Yes...September is passing us at an alarming rate.....before you know it....it will be Gingerbread House Class time.....and then I will have to make some more lists!!! We have to get the tree, I want some greens for the porch, I have to find that truck for my Grandson....when am I going to make cookies for here at home....anyone want to join me on this ride???? It's fast....but it's FUN!!!!!

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