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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Yeah Fall.......

I think Fall has arrived....this morning was warm and humid....and now it is windy and cool!! Just like that. It's hard to believe that we are half way through this month already!! The inside of our house is all decorated....all I have to do is decorate the outside. It's, actually, a little easier said than done. I cannot....under any circumstances....KILL any of my flowers. I would like to fill our front porch with mums and pumpkins...but I will need to find another home for the buckets of flowers that I have there, now, first....because I can't pull flowers out of the buckets and replace them....especially when they are looking so good!!! I know this is illogical....but I am a gardener through and through. We had to run an errand after work....so we found ourselves on a few back, country roads. There were quite a few front yards and porches all done up for the Fall and Halloween....I think a lot of us are ready for the season to change. Let's face it....it wasn't the nicest Summer we've ever had....even if you are a Summer person. We are, now, more than 20 inches OVER our "normal" rainfall for the year....20...that's crazy!!! There were many times....on our drive....when I had a good view of the mountains....there is the tiniest hint of a color change....just a hint!! I hope Mother Nature puts on a great show for us in the coming weeks....it might help to make up for all of her "dirty deeds" the last few weeks!!! For everyone mourning the passing of Summer....sorry....but for all of my fellow Fall lovers.......I think a little hot cider, some soup simmering on the stove...a little apple pie...PARTY!!!!  :):):)

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