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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Making a List....and checking it way more than twice.....

He's making a list, and checking it twice....this time of year....I make lists, too. The transition from Halloween and Fall to Christmas and Winter is a big one. It is all consuming....it wakes me up at night and makes me feel like I am spinning around just a little too quickly. So I make lists. It keeps my thoughts straight and reminds me of my ideas. When you read this you are, probably, thinking...."oh, this must be stressful..." but the truth of the matter is....I enjoy it!! I love to order all of the merchandise that will help to make your Fall and Winter Holidays the best ever....and I love to plan and organize....and, most of all.....I love to decorate!! I love to live in the moment of, and enjoy, each Holiday....but I, also, love to think about the next one...(I have already put in a whole bunch of my EASTER and GARDEN orders!!!) I believe that we need to celebrate everything that is worth celebrating....Major Holidays certainly....but Birthdays, Anniversaries, achievements and accomplishments ....and maybe even just "a nice day" here and there....I believe that SO strongly that I have made it my business....literally. We are a part of all of your celebrations....the big and the small....and I take that responsibility very seriously. I am very lucky to be able to do what I do, day in and day out, and call it my job. Is it a lot of hard work....oh yeah....but I wouldn't trade it for anything!!! So....I am off to work....I have another order to place, a lot of baking to do, some more thoughts about the upcoming changes in the gift shop, some merchandise that I want to rearrange....a few more menus that need my attention....where did I put that list???? :):):) Have a great day!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Living in the moment.....sort of!!!

OK....So, Monday, I was really sad and disappointed. We had a particularly unsavory event happen in our family.....and it was a bit of an emotional drain. So we decided to spend a little "me" time in a neighboring, historic town. It was a beautiful Fall day (and we haven't had too many of those...) and we thought we would enjoy the afternoon and take a break from all that had happened Monday morning. Now.....I am an avid collector of Halloween....and I am ALSO a retailer....which means I have access to everything that is on the market....however, I believe that it is very important to support small businesses....so I try to buy things from other retailers whenever I can....well....not on Monday!!! Fall and Halloween were practically non-existent....it seems that everyone has moved on....to Christmas....and we haven't even gotten to Halloween yet!! I know that we are all used to this in the big box stores.....they are all trying to get your money before the next guy does.....but, us small independents are supposed to be above that!!! We are the antithesis of the big box stores.....unique selection of merchandise, better quality, terrific customer relations....and the over all feeling of having the customers best interest at heart!! Well....I wanted to see Fall and Halloween!!!! I don't feel that my interests were taken into consideration at all!!! We went home...not only in a "funk" from the mornings events.....but, perhaps more so....because of the afternoon's events!!! We discussed....all the way home....how very wrong it all was....and I renewed my vow to live in the moment and enjoy what was left of October....and I swore I was NOT going to rush....and ruin.... the Christmas season just for monetary gain...... Guess who woke up at 3 o'clock this morning and couldn't get back to sleep.....because they were thinking about how they were going to set up the gift shop for CHRISTMAS!!!!! Hey....I'm still not going to DO anything until AFTER Halloween.....but I have to be organized.....or the big box mentality will squish me like a grape....or should I say sugarplum?????? Have a great night!!  :):):)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The circle of life......

A little wishful thinking.....

Our pool guys came and closed the pool, yesterday.....I am a little depressed. I LOVE when they come out and open it....HATE when they come out and close it. If it is going to be closed....and I have to look at that, less than attractive, cover for the next 6 months.....I would, at least, like a scene like this to look at instead!!! We drove down into Bucks County on Monday and were noticing the Fall color....or lack of it to be more accurate. I hope all of the horrible weather we have been experiencing doesn't carry over and ruin the Fall like it did a big chunk of the Summer!!! Isn't it funny....we spend the whole Winter waiting and hoping for the Spring.....we can't wait for the first glimpses of green to appear on the trees. It's so exciting when everything is new and green. Then the trees burst into full leaf.....and not a moment too soon.....because the heat comes and makes us so grateful for the shade!!! Then....just when we can't take anymore heat and humidity....a breath of fresh Fall air swoops in and makes us all so excited to see the color on the trees. Some of us even schedule our vacations around going and finding the places with the most beautiful color!!! We drive around....admiring the landscape. We go for walks and pick up the prettiest leaves to take home with us....and then....all of a sudden....we realize that they are falling off of the trees....and onto our grass.....and we have to RAKE them all up and get rid of them!!!! Stupid leaves!!!! Hahahahahaha........ahhh.....the circle of life!!!!! Regardless.....I still hope we have a half decent show.....before the raking starts!!!!! :):):)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lessons learned.......

Happy October.....well, better late than never :) !!! I am not going to make any excuses....my life has been a little crazy....and my blogging duties have suffered. I promise I will try to get back on track....One of the things that occupied SO much of my time was the event we held this past Saturday on the grounds (and inside...) of the 1803 House. It was a whole year in the making. A whole year of planning and decision making, networking, more planning.....even some favor asking.....and work. It was worth it in the end, though, because it was a great success. The first year of an event like this one is always hard....and this was no exception. Among other things....getting everyone to "see" your vision is quite a challenge. But, in the end, I think we got there. Don't get me wrong....there were lessons to be learned. For example....this is our table(Sweet Memories goodies....)..BEFORE the masses came. I could have, easily, doubled my inventory. We sold out....now I know.~~ We needed more signs, more announcements, more beverage choices....and, probably, could have done without the expense of the port-a-pot. But now we have one year under our belts....one year of experiences....good and bad (mostly good!! :) and one year of lessons learned. We had a great group of craft artists, a wonderful food vendor, lots of really wonderful donations, terrific volunteers, a VERY successful apple pie contest, an amazing "farm stand" full of vegetables and Fall goodies and a TON of enthusiastic visitors/shoppers who really enjoyed themselves. I want to send a heartfelt "thank you" to everyone who helped and attended.....and a thank you to all of the small business owners, in town, who posted our flyer and got behind this event.....you guys KNOW who you are.....and so do I ....enough said!!!