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Thursday, October 6, 2011

The circle of life......

A little wishful thinking.....

Our pool guys came and closed the pool, yesterday.....I am a little depressed. I LOVE when they come out and open it....HATE when they come out and close it. If it is going to be closed....and I have to look at that, less than attractive, cover for the next 6 months.....I would, at least, like a scene like this to look at instead!!! We drove down into Bucks County on Monday and were noticing the Fall color....or lack of it to be more accurate. I hope all of the horrible weather we have been experiencing doesn't carry over and ruin the Fall like it did a big chunk of the Summer!!! Isn't it funny....we spend the whole Winter waiting and hoping for the Spring.....we can't wait for the first glimpses of green to appear on the trees. It's so exciting when everything is new and green. Then the trees burst into full leaf.....and not a moment too soon.....because the heat comes and makes us so grateful for the shade!!! Then....just when we can't take anymore heat and humidity....a breath of fresh Fall air swoops in and makes us all so excited to see the color on the trees. Some of us even schedule our vacations around going and finding the places with the most beautiful color!!! We drive around....admiring the landscape. We go for walks and pick up the prettiest leaves to take home with us....and then....all of a sudden....we realize that they are falling off of the trees....and onto our grass.....and we have to RAKE them all up and get rid of them!!!! Stupid leaves!!!! Hahahahahaha........ahhh.....the circle of life!!!!! Regardless.....I still hope we have a half decent show.....before the raking starts!!!!! :):):)

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