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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lessons learned.......

Happy October.....well, better late than never :) !!! I am not going to make any excuses....my life has been a little crazy....and my blogging duties have suffered. I promise I will try to get back on track....One of the things that occupied SO much of my time was the event we held this past Saturday on the grounds (and inside...) of the 1803 House. It was a whole year in the making. A whole year of planning and decision making, networking, more planning.....even some favor asking.....and work. It was worth it in the end, though, because it was a great success. The first year of an event like this one is always hard....and this was no exception. Among other things....getting everyone to "see" your vision is quite a challenge. But, in the end, I think we got there. Don't get me wrong....there were lessons to be learned. For example....this is our table(Sweet Memories goodies....)..BEFORE the masses came. I could have, easily, doubled my inventory. We sold out....now I know.~~ We needed more signs, more announcements, more beverage choices....and, probably, could have done without the expense of the port-a-pot. But now we have one year under our belts....one year of experiences....good and bad (mostly good!! :) and one year of lessons learned. We had a great group of craft artists, a wonderful food vendor, lots of really wonderful donations, terrific volunteers, a VERY successful apple pie contest, an amazing "farm stand" full of vegetables and Fall goodies and a TON of enthusiastic visitors/shoppers who really enjoyed themselves. I want to send a heartfelt "thank you" to everyone who helped and attended.....and a thank you to all of the small business owners, in town, who posted our flyer and got behind this event.....you guys KNOW who you are.....and so do I ....enough said!!!

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