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Saturday, November 26, 2011

How important are your favorite small businesses???

Good Morning....I hope this weekend after Thanksgiving finds all of you well and happy....and that you have lots of leftovers in your refrigerator!!!! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day...all of my kids, their significant others and my Grandson were here with us, the weather was beautiful and dinner went off without a hitch. And now.....here we are, officially Christmas time. Yesterday was, of course, Black Friday.....and today is the second year for "Small Business Saturday". The concept of this is to shop in your favorite small, independent retail stores to keep their businesses strong and keep them around. I think that's a great idea....but I think it's one that you need to implement more than once a year. Actually naming it and picking a day for it will help to make more people aware of the idea....and that's a good thing. How important are YOUR favorite small businesses to you?? I have talked about this before....I try to support all of the small businesses that I love. We go to them, and spend some money, whenever we can.....even though I can get the same merchandise....it's just good business. I want to encourage you to go out there, today....find those places that you love.....spend some time appreciating all of their hard work....tell them how much they mean to you (they could, probably, use that as much as the money in the cash register....it is the Holiday season, after all, and that brings out all of the Scrooges, too....but we won't go there!!!) treat their merchandise,employees and fellow customers with respect and get some of your Christmas shopping done. You will wind up with some great gifts and will go to sleep, tonight, knowing that you did your part.....and I am willing to bet that there will be NO taser guns, pepper spray or ambulances involved....and, after all, that's what Christmas is REALLY all about.....just saying!!

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