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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

We need a little Christmas.....

OK....I am ready. I mean me, personally.....I am ready. There is a constant complaining, this time of year, that Christmas comes too early. Whatever. I just don't agree. There are some parts of the Christmas experience that seem to be ahead of schedule....I don't think Santa needed to show up at the Mall just yet....it kind of cuts down the whole excitement/mystery thing a bit....but I am ready for the festivities and preparation to begin. Have I started to make Christmas cookies....no....too soon. Have I started to listen to the Christmas music....YES!!!! Did we put up our tree....no...."Santa" does that on Christmas Eve...(well, we do it, now.....the kids are grown...) Did we start to decorate the house....yes. Are all of the gifts wrapped and ready....no....am I watching Christmas movies every chance I get....yes!!!! To be really honest with you....I think we NEED a little Christmas....right this very minute....candles in the windows and carols at the Spinnet....All of us are stressed, work too many hours, try to divide ourselves into 100+, we are all worrying about something....or lots of somethings....what is SO wrong with Christmas showing up a little early??? There is so much magic in this season....the lights, the decorations, the music.... Watch a little one when they watch Santa Claus is coming to town....what stress?? Put some cookies in the oven....I'll bet you forget about work for awhile....and instead of dividing yourself into 100+....give of yourself. It changes everything. And...when you step back....and see your home all lit up for the Holidays....the worry sort of takes a back seat. I say....bring it on....because we need a little Christmas NOW!!!!


  1. Yay I can read the blogs now! The lighter background looks great!

    As far as what you said...I so agree! What is wrong with having some extra cheer and something to be excited about/look forward too. My husband on the other hand is the total opposite. He always wants Christmas over and done with. He says it is another way for people to be greedy (telling everyone what they want). I am always trying to convince him otherwise, hopefully one day I will! For me it is all about seeing my kids so excited, doing there santa letters, baking cut out cookies and homemade apple pie...what could be better!!