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Monday, December 26, 2011

Enjoying Christmas......

December 26th.....it's all over. Weeks....if not months....of planning, shopping, decorating, wrapping, cleaning, baking, cooking....anticipating....over for another year. It's hard to believe....and, at least for me, harder to accept. I already gave my opinion of the "rushing" of the season....now I am going to give my opinion of the "rushing" of the end of the season. I think the next few days are the BEST part of Christmas. This is the time when we can sit down.....yes, actually SIT DOWN for a few minutes.... and enjoy all of our hard work. This is the time when you can enjoy those Christmas movies, specials and music that have only been the backround noise for all of the things you had to get done. This is the time when you can set aside an evening and drive around and enjoy all of the Christmas lights in the neighborhood. This is the time when you can sit and enjoy your Christmas tree and all of the decorations in your own home....and when you can enjoy the company of the people who matter to you. The pressure is OFF.....the work is done. But, for some reason, everyone is ready to take it all away?!?!? Give yourself a gift this year....and take some time to ENJOY Christmas.....and do it now!!! Before you know it....it will be time to do it all again.... I hope this Christmas was all you had hoped for....and continues to be until this time next week.....I think January 2nd is a good time to call it "over".....and that would give you a whole week to treat yourself.....Merry Christmas and ENJOY!!!   :):):)

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  1. He is a real cutie. I bet he will always remember the special truck cake you made him. Have a Happy New Year.