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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Light Bulb Moments......

I have had a "light bulb" moment. Actually....I have had several, consecutive, light bulb moments. It happens. I have something that I am trying to figure out....sometimes it's about a menu....sometimes it's about merchandise.....sometimes it's about something else entirely....but this time the "light bulbs" were going off and on about me. A sort of self discovery. But, last night, the whole strand came on and I realized something. Let me explain.....the last month plus has been very, very busy at the shop....OK....that's not the light bulb. We have been extremely busy in the gift shop....which is AWESOME!!! I love to see people coming downstairs with bags....and smiles....excited about their purchases....some of which are gifts and some of which are treats for themselves. I am the one who decides which merchandise we are going to carry....so every time another bag comes down it's like you all are telling me that I made a good choice!! Then, I go upstairs and check on everything....and I feel.....I don't know....concerned??? (I am getting to the light bulbs....) My family says that I am a strange retailer....I don't seem to want my displays to "sell"....but I knew that wasn't it....because, obviously, I want the merchandise to sell.....we are in business, after all, and the only way for that to continue is for the merchandise to go to happy customers....I figured it was just a strange, unexplained part of my personality....I would deal with it. Then, last night, we went to do a little Christmas "shopping" (more like a little Christmas "break" for us....) and....we went to a very quaint town with a bunch of little shops....now, I realize that Christmas is only a few days away....but.....Christmas is a few days AWAY.....it's not here yet. We are all, still, full of the excitement and anticipation....all of our hard work and planning hasn't come to fruition yet. The shops all looked "picked over"....they all looked "after Christmas SAD".....and then the light bulbs came on....all of them!!! I am not sorry to see my displays sell....I am not, at all, saddened to see my merchandise go to happy homes....I am CONCERNED that you all continue to have a wonderful, magical, delightful experience when you come and visit us....especially before a Holiday even gets here!!!! I just want to make sure it looks good, and full, and enticing.....even after bags and bags have gone out the door!!! Light bulbs!!!!!! We move things around all the time....to make all of the empty spaces look good again.....we consolidate and rearrange...and "front" things....because I don't EVER want you to leave our store feeling disappointed. Light bulbs!!!! I am NOT a strange retailer....I am a dedicated retailer....(Whew.....that makes me feel better!!!) And....in these last few days before Christmas....I want you to know how much we appreciate all of you...and I want you to know that if you come in and see us.....you will not be disappointed....we are working, very hard, to keep the MAGIC alive and well!!! And, just to let you know, the Christmas lights and music will NOT stop until after the 1st of the year.....it is Christmas until that ball drops....at least at Sweet Memories!!!

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