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Monday, January 23, 2012

Happiness is...........

Happiness is.....how would you finish that sentence??? What is your happiness trigger??? We all have them....not all the same ones....but we all have them. For some it's staying home....for others it's going away. For some it's working in the yard....for others it's sitting and doing nothing. For some it's cooking a big meal....for others it's going out to eat. The fact that we all have different triggers is what makes the world go 'round.....makes us all who we are. So what is yours?? I have a whole slew of them....but I must say....what you see in this picture is one of my favorites (especially on a cold Winter's day like this!!!) My home and garden (and pool) are at the top of my list....and, pretty much, contain most of the rest of my, more specific, triggers. My family (most of the time :)...), my collections, books, flowers, birds, herbs etc. etc. etc.... although I have another trigger....my business. Now...I don't want to paint a "perfection" picture, here....of course there are days that are a challenge....(and that is an understatement.....) but I am very lucky. I get to entertain....well....throw a party really.... every day. I get to cook and bake (two of my happiness triggers...) all day long, I get to decorate (yup...another one...) and decide which awesome, new merchandise to carry in the shops...(that's a tough one....looking at all kinds of things that I, hope, will trigger YOUR happiness and having them delivered....like Christmas!!!) It used to be a little intimidating....I mean I know what I like....but will you all feel the same???? But....along the way I realized some things. There is enough merchandise available on the market to fill, literally, 100's of stores. No one shop will ever make everyone happy. And, most importantly, if I don't LOVE everything that comes in.....if I order ONLY because I think I can make money....I am doing an injustice to myself and my customers!! When I get a delivery, I have, already, spent hours dreaming of where I am going to put everything and what I am going to display it with...if I order the "latest" thing....all I can think of is "what am I going to do with THAT"???? When all of you, who consider a visit to Sweet Memories to be YOUR happiness trigger, come for a visit....I want you to be wowed....and I can't do that with stuff I am just so-so about. So, basically, I order what I would be only too happy to have in my own home, or give, proudly, as a gift....and pray that you feel the same way!!! So far....it seems to be working out just fine!! Now, having said that....I have some new things on their way (and a VERY LONG journey they have....) and I hope you all love them as much as I do!!! I, really, want this line to join our "happy" little store and become a "trigger" for all of you....I am not going to tell you any more....yet!! While I am NOT a fan of surprises, myself.... I love to surprise other people!! It's just another one of my happiness triggers!!! Stay tuned and have a GREAT Monday.....another one of my triggers....hey, I did say we don't all have the same ones :):):)

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