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Friday, January 27, 2012

I need a little Spring...and for this week to end!!!!

I think I need a little EASTER....or at least a little Spring!!! I know that we have been "lucky" so far this Winter....and we have been enjoying "Springlike" weather....but this week has really been one for the books....one that, if I had been given a little "heads-up" I may have chosen to skip altogether!! So, while I don't have any control over people....their behavior, attitudes, thoughts or actions....and I don't have any control over the weather....OBVIOUSLY....I do have control over other things....like what to bake for the bakery case, what to put on the menu for the restaurant....and when to "roll-over" into Spring merchandise in the gift shop!!! SO.....we will be having pie (making pies makes me happy....) in the bakery case.....macaroni and cheese and baked potato soup on the menu for supper, tonight....a little "comfort" to help END this week (please!!!!!) and I think that Spring will have sprung before next Tuesday rolls around.....hopefully ushering in a new and MUCH IMPROVED week!! If you are having the same kind of "fun" (and, yes....that is classic sarcastic Jamie....) that we are...I am really, truly sorry.....but, in the words of a very wise friend of mine....chin up....and may it be covered in pie!!!  :)

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