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Monday, January 9, 2012

A little dreaming.....

Today was "pack all of the Christmas decorations at home" day. I spent all of last week getting the shop in shape....the shop comes first. Next Monday I will get all of my Winter decorations....snowmen and Valentine's day....out and get the house all cozy....ready for Nesting Season :) !! In our business, the "holiday season" starts in August. We spend many, many hours getting everything just right for Halloween...then the Fall baking starts...then the classes, then the Christmas decorating and merchandise displays, then the Christmas baking, parties and get togethers....and, of course, the shopping....then the gingerbread house classes....it's a whirlwind. I always say....once we get to September 1st....we hold on to our hats, because all of a sudden...it will be January. See. I love all of the above....really...ALL of it. But, this time of year holds a special place in my heart, too. This time of year I have the "luxury" of dream time. I have time to think....think about what's next....what needs to be spruced up, what new merchandise to carry, what furniture should be moved around, what new classes I should offer,what new menu items to offer, what special events I should plan....what flowers to plant in the front garden come Spring. I am a dreamer....and a doer.....but the dreaming needs to come first. After the dreaming....you plan....and planning is VERY important. Without a plan you find yourself making mistakes....and mistakes are frustrating....and frustration causes you to abandon projects. Once you have a good, almost foolproof, plan in place....the doing can begin. I find that if you are "doing" something that started out as a dream....it doesn't feel like work. Don't get me wrong....we work hard. We get tired....and, now and again, we need a break. But we are, without question, living our dream. So...I am going to enjoy these few weeks ahead and spend some time dreaming....because....before you know it....it will be time to get the Easter and Gardening merchandise and displays done, plan the Spring classes, do the Easter baking, plant the gardens....oh, and then we have Mother's Day.~~~ Excuse me.....I am going to make some tea....and do a little dreaming :):):) Have a great night!!!

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