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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Nesting Season.......

It's Nesting Season. That time of year when your thoughts turn to making your home warm, inviting and cozy. It always comes right after the Holidays. During the Holidays all of your attention is given to the 100's of things that you have to get done....and the warm, inviting and cozy thing is, sort of, a given. Your decorations are out, everything is pretty because of the lights and the house smells great because you are cooking and baking yourself silly. But, like it or not, the Holidays do come to an end....and then what?? I have had several conversations, this week, about how sad it is that it's over. I know.....but, I have to be honest, it seems (at least to me...) like it's been Christmas for months.....and, as much as I hate to see it end....it's time. So.....now it's Nesting Season. This is the time of year to spruce up your space, do a little re-decorating....add something new. Get an amazing smelling candle (one that smells like you are still baking cookies...) get some new cookbooks and spend some time in the kitchen, make a cup of tea and read a good book, start a new collection, feed the birds, watch some old movies.....NEST. Here in our house....when we take down the Christmas decorations....I move on to my next collection. I decorate for Winter. Snowmen, snowflakes, ice skates, mittens....you get the idea. It's not that Winter is my favorite time of year....because it's not....but, if you can't beat it...join it!! So....a few years back, I separated my Christmas and snowmen. It gives us something to look forward to....and when I am done with that job (which will take the next couple of weeks....) I can enjoy my "snow" until the end of February/ beginning of March.....when it will be time for the Easter Bunny!! Actually....I guess, for me, Nesting Season is year round.....because, as much as I love the Holiday we are leaving....I can't wait for the next one!!! Have a great night....and Happy Nesting!!!

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