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Monday, January 30, 2012


50.....that's how many days until the first day of Spring.....50. If you are planning a visit to Sweet Memories in the near future.....you will notice that it has already sprung. I NEED Spring. First of all.....this has been a very trying week....I need to shake things up....or out...like rugs when you are spring cleaning. Clear the "dust and cobwebs" so to speak. But there is more to this than just the drama of this past week. I had quite a few conversations about this "Winter" this past weekend....the jury is, somewhat, "out".... I mean, really....what Winter?? I am not complaining....who can complain about 50 degree weather in January?? I am thrilled. From a business standpoint, limited nasty weather is wonderful!! However....I think the unusually warm weather has made it worse somehow. Normally, by this time, we have endured the cold and a few bouts of frozen something or other....but we have gotten used to it....adjusted. But, this year, there hasn't been anything to adjust to...at least not so far....so we are all ready for it to be over. I mean...if it's going to be in the 50's and 60's....lets get on with it, already!! I say....grab the sunblock and the picnic basket!! However.....we all KNOW that this won't last for the next 50 days....and the waiting and wondering what is around the corner....is worse. Add to that all of the rainy, wet, soggy, dreary and depressing....although not frozen....days that we have had....and I am ready for color, warmth and Springtime!!! SO.....I am heading to the shop, this morning, to bring Springtime to Sweet Memories.... When I get all of the Halloween out, for all of my collectors, at the end of August....I hear "Halloween already??" for weeks. When I get all of my Christmas merchandise out, right after Halloween....I hear "Christmas already??" until the day after Thanksgiving (although.....quite a bit has sold by then so I don't really get it....I digress....) But, I am willing to bet, that I don't hear one, single "Spring already??" this week.....because I think we are ALL ready for this next 50 days to fly by.~~ So....I am off.....to spend the day with happy harbingers of Spring (all of my Easter merchandise is arriving, too....but, as much as I would LIKE to put all of that out, because Easter merchandise makes me happy....I will wait until after Valentine's Day....) anyone up for that picnic????? Don't forget the sunblock!!!!

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