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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy Birthday.......

Once Upon a time.....long, long.....L-O-N-G ago (that will make his Daddy happy;)) I made a cake for my son's 2nd birthday.....it was a train and it was my first attempt at decorating a cake.....now here we are....many, many....M-A-N-Y years later....and you all know where that experiment took me....and my whole family. It seemed natural, somehow, that it should all come full circle.....this is my Grandson's 2nd birthday cake....I guess it's a good thing he was a boy....hahahahahahahaha!!! This was the very important thing I had to do yesterday....it all goes by so quickly..... Happy Birthday Peanut....and Happy Birthday, today, to my oldest daughter...(February is a busy celebration month in this family!!!) Have a great day everyone!!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Looking forward....and enjoying today!!!

Good Morning.....and it's a beautiful morning, too. I have an overwhelming desire to go out in my garden and do some work. It's very cold....but it is supposed to warm up later on....and the sun is so bright and the birds are all over the place....I just want Spring to get here!! It has been such a strange Winter....it has, almost, felt like early Spring for most of it....but now I want the real thing. I made up my mind that we were going to keep the "Winter" decorations up until the end of February.....but I am regretting my decision!!! It's a lot of work to get all of my snowmen and other Winter collectables out....I didn't want to take it all down before we got our money's worth (so to speak...) but I want my Easter things out!!! I want the bunnies and chicks and eggs.....they make me happy!!!! But.....it is still February....and I have a lot to do today....so the Easter will have to wait until next Monday!! In the meantime....I can get my fill at the shop.....because Spring and Easter are in their glory there!!! A little patience is a good thing....of course a little Spring is a BETTER thing.....but it will be here (and gone...) before you know it....so I will just look forward to it for now!!!  The "lots" that I have to do today is important stuff.....I will post pictures and tell you all about it later.....it's the kind of thing that will be gone before you know it, too!!! Looking forward to things is important....but savoring the "right now" is important, too!!! Have a great day!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Oh....I love finding great merchandise!!!!

So.....once again I find myself telling you all about some new, and exciting, merchandise!!! That top picture is a brand new line called "Full Circle"....it is cleaning products....scrub brushes, dish cloths....stuff like that. I know what you are thinking....since when are cleaning things exciting?? But all of these things are sustainable or recycled or recyclable themselves....there is a "kit" with "recipes" for cleaning products that you can make yourself....no toxic chemicals!!!! And there is a compost bin that can sit on your kitchen counter....the bags are bio-degradable and there is something in the bags that keeps the compost-bound scraps from smelling up your kitchen!!! Hey....I KNOW there is nothing fun or exciting about house cleaning....but we all have to do it!!! These new products will make it a much more enjoyable task....and that's a "good thing" (hahahaha.....) Anyway....the second picture is a new line called "Worker B" (well....obviously....) they are located in Minnesota. It is a skin care line that is made with bee products. It is all organic....with no fillers, water or alcohol added. They developed the products, in part, for people with sensitive skin and a large range of allergies.....it can be used on any part of your body, it's food safe and you can even use it for your pets!!!! Even their labels are letter-press printed by an artist....cool right???? And the best part??? It smells like honey and beeswax!!!! I don't know about you.....but I love honey and beeswax!!!! So....between these two new lines.....the Emma Bridgewater pottery and all of the Spring and Easter merchandise....I sure hope a trip to Sweet Memories is in your future.....and, you know what??? I'm not done yet!!!! :):):) Have a great night!!!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Here come Peter Cottontail......

Yes....I know it's Valentine's Day Eve. Actually, today is OUR Valentine's Day....we are working tomorrow. I am looking forward to "our" Valentine's Day because we are taking a little road trip....a much needed break....and heading out to Lancaster. I have gone into detail, before, about how much I love the Holidays....all of them....and Valentine's Day is no exception. I have a very nice collection of vintage child's Valentine cards, candy molds and of course my Valentine Byers' Choice....along with some antique candy jars filled with conversation hearts and some faux cupcakes and cookies....all displayed in my kitchen as we speak. I must say, though, I am REALLY looking forward to the next couple of weeks....because I CAN NOT WAIT to get all of the Easter merchandise out!!! I love, love, love Easter. I love colored eggs and bunnies....fuzzy little chicks and the flowers!!!! I love the fact that Spring is on it's way and knowing that, before too much longer, my garden will start to wake up!! I love how "hopeful" this time of year is....and I can't wait for you to see all of the new Easter merchandise!!! We have some of the greatest stuff EVER (I know I say that every season.....but that's because, every season, I find the greatest stuff EVER!!!!) and I will post pictures as soon as I get the displays done!!! In the meantime.....enjoy your Valentine's Day....eat the chocolate (you deserve a treat....) and smell the flowers (because that's what makes life "sweet") but keep in mind, while you are doing all of this that "hippity, hoppity....Easter's on it's way" YEAH!!!! :):):)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I have, recently, learned another something about myself....I am obsessive/ compulsive. This, apparently, is not news to my family....or so they tell me....but it was a revelation for me. I do know that.....sometimes....I get something in my head....and cannot let it go until it is realized. The very definition, perhaps??? I get "projects" in my mind....I can, actually, "see" the end result....and I can't rest until they are completed. I guess.....now that I think about it....that I become obsessed, to some degree, about the food we serve. I know what it will look like on the plates....what flavor combinations and color combinations I am striving for...I am, without question, obsessed about the quality and freshness of all of our bakery offerings....and, on occasion, I become obsessed about a new line of merchandise. I don't want to short change ANY of the merchandise we carry....I HAVE to feel passionate about it...or I won't carry it. But, sometimes, a new line goes just a little further....and this new line fits that description. This pottery is Emma Bridgewater. It is made in England...in Stoke-on-Trent to be exact. I will admit....the fact that it comes from England was part of the appeal. But, there is a lot more to it.....I mean....LOOK at it. Can't you just picture the perfect cottage kitchen....the tea kettle is always on....and fresh cookies are just coming out of the oven. You pour yourself a cup of tea...in one of these beautiful mugs....and take it to the garden for a much needed break. I can hear the birds singing and smell the flowers....how romantic is this??? Don't we all deserve that special little moment....when we can take a breath and enjoy the simple little things??? Wow. OK.....see????? I AM obsessive/compulsive!!! Who knew??? Oh well....lucky for you, I guess, because you can own a little piece of my new obsession....cool right???? Have a great day, everyone!!!  :):):)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A day of re-doing........

Two coats of white paint on the trim (thank you, honey...) a brand new light fixture (thank you, again, honey...) a new curtain, re-arranging the furniture three times....and, ultimately, putting it back where it started from....and loading in all of the adorable new goodies....and..."ta-da".....the unveiling of the "new" baby/kid room!!! If there is a "wee one" in your life....you've gotta come in and check this out!!! :) I get excited about the simple things.....it makes life happier!!!  Have a great day!!!