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Monday, February 13, 2012

Here come Peter Cottontail......

Yes....I know it's Valentine's Day Eve. Actually, today is OUR Valentine's Day....we are working tomorrow. I am looking forward to "our" Valentine's Day because we are taking a little road trip....a much needed break....and heading out to Lancaster. I have gone into detail, before, about how much I love the Holidays....all of them....and Valentine's Day is no exception. I have a very nice collection of vintage child's Valentine cards, candy molds and of course my Valentine Byers' Choice....along with some antique candy jars filled with conversation hearts and some faux cupcakes and cookies....all displayed in my kitchen as we speak. I must say, though, I am REALLY looking forward to the next couple of weeks....because I CAN NOT WAIT to get all of the Easter merchandise out!!! I love, love, love Easter. I love colored eggs and bunnies....fuzzy little chicks and the flowers!!!! I love the fact that Spring is on it's way and knowing that, before too much longer, my garden will start to wake up!! I love how "hopeful" this time of year is....and I can't wait for you to see all of the new Easter merchandise!!! We have some of the greatest stuff EVER (I know I say that every season.....but that's because, every season, I find the greatest stuff EVER!!!!) and I will post pictures as soon as I get the displays done!!! In the meantime.....enjoy your Valentine's Day....eat the chocolate (you deserve a treat....) and smell the flowers (because that's what makes life "sweet") but keep in mind, while you are doing all of this that "hippity, hoppity....Easter's on it's way" YEAH!!!! :):):)

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  1. I am ready for Spring and flowers. I love vintage things and you make it all so much fun. Can't wait to see all of the Easter things you always have the very Best merchandise of anywhere. Thank you for all of the fun and interesting posts you made my day. Sandy Ca.