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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I have, recently, learned another something about myself....I am obsessive/ compulsive. This, apparently, is not news to my family....or so they tell me....but it was a revelation for me. I do know that.....sometimes....I get something in my head....and cannot let it go until it is realized. The very definition, perhaps??? I get "projects" in my mind....I can, actually, "see" the end result....and I can't rest until they are completed. I guess.....now that I think about it....that I become obsessed, to some degree, about the food we serve. I know what it will look like on the plates....what flavor combinations and color combinations I am striving for...I am, without question, obsessed about the quality and freshness of all of our bakery offerings....and, on occasion, I become obsessed about a new line of merchandise. I don't want to short change ANY of the merchandise we carry....I HAVE to feel passionate about it...or I won't carry it. But, sometimes, a new line goes just a little further....and this new line fits that description. This pottery is Emma Bridgewater. It is made in England...in Stoke-on-Trent to be exact. I will admit....the fact that it comes from England was part of the appeal. But, there is a lot more to it.....I mean....LOOK at it. Can't you just picture the perfect cottage kitchen....the tea kettle is always on....and fresh cookies are just coming out of the oven. You pour yourself a cup of tea...in one of these beautiful mugs....and take it to the garden for a much needed break. I can hear the birds singing and smell the flowers....how romantic is this??? Don't we all deserve that special little moment....when we can take a breath and enjoy the simple little things??? Wow. OK.....see????? I AM obsessive/compulsive!!! Who knew??? Oh well....lucky for you, I guess, because you can own a little piece of my new obsession....cool right???? Have a great day, everyone!!!  :):):)

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