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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Oh....I love finding great merchandise!!!!

So.....once again I find myself telling you all about some new, and exciting, merchandise!!! That top picture is a brand new line called "Full Circle"....it is cleaning products....scrub brushes, dish cloths....stuff like that. I know what you are thinking....since when are cleaning things exciting?? But all of these things are sustainable or recycled or recyclable themselves....there is a "kit" with "recipes" for cleaning products that you can make yourself....no toxic chemicals!!!! And there is a compost bin that can sit on your kitchen counter....the bags are bio-degradable and there is something in the bags that keeps the compost-bound scraps from smelling up your kitchen!!! Hey....I KNOW there is nothing fun or exciting about house cleaning....but we all have to do it!!! These new products will make it a much more enjoyable task....and that's a "good thing" (hahahaha.....) Anyway....the second picture is a new line called "Worker B" (well....obviously....) they are located in Minnesota. It is a skin care line that is made with bee products. It is all organic....with no fillers, water or alcohol added. They developed the products, in part, for people with sensitive skin and a large range of allergies.....it can be used on any part of your body, it's food safe and you can even use it for your pets!!!! Even their labels are letter-press printed by an artist....cool right???? And the best part??? It smells like honey and beeswax!!!! I don't know about you.....but I love honey and beeswax!!!! So....between these two new lines.....the Emma Bridgewater pottery and all of the Spring and Easter merchandise....I sure hope a trip to Sweet Memories is in your future.....and, you know what??? I'm not done yet!!!! :):):) Have a great night!!!!

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