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Monday, March 5, 2012

Goodbye snowmen....hello Spring!!!!

Good Morning!!! It is going to be chilly around here, today......but that's OK with me....I am going to be inside. Today is "goodbye snowmen....hello Easter" day here at our house. I must say....I love to decorate for all of the Holidays....but this one is one of my favorites!!! It will be a big job....because I didn't get as far with the snowman packing as I wanted to this week....it's very hard to motivate yourself after working the hours that we do. But, today is a new day....and I am confident that I will get it all done!! Under normal circumstances....we would be on our way to the flower show, in Philadelphia. However, the theme this year is Hawaii....and, while I don't have anything against Hawaii....I am not a "tropical" person. It really doesn't hold any interest for me. I watched the "preview" show on Saturday night....and I am 100% sure I made the right decision not to go.I decided, instead, to get the house all decked out for Spring.....and I am glad that I did!! The "treat" of a Springtime decorated house awaits....and with that will come the "blossoming" desire to go outside and make the gardens match the inside of the house!!! I know myself very well....and I know that it won't take too long before the "bug" gets me and I find myself outside doing a little preparation....actually....the weather forecast for the second half of this week is showing some "get outside and do some gardening" promise.....Hmmmm....the days ARE getting longer...what time does it get dark??? I should have a little light left when I get home from work :):):) Have a great day!!!!

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