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Monday, March 12, 2012

March Madness.......

March Madness.....I think it refers to basketball....but, this week, it had a lot of meanings!! First of all...we had a full moon. Anyone who works in retail, customer service, education, health care....well, anything that requires interacting with people....knows what that means. Then we had the solar flares....or whatever they were calling them....which were supposed to be causing all kinds of problems with all of our electronic devises....which means everything...and then we got to turn the clocks ahead. Now....I hate when we mess around with time. I don't have enough of it to begin with so I really don't appreciate when some of it is taken away!!! My sleep patterns leave a lot to be desired to begin with, these days, I would rather not add to the problem....thank you very much!! I am going to assume that all of these "fun" things were contributing factors in the "people issues" we found ourselves in the middle of, this week. I mean....working with the public can be a "challenge" under the best of circumstances....but I think the "March Madness" that we were experiencing.....just made it....well....beyond challenging!!!! So much unpleasantness....so much negativity!!! Then....we had more than one "interesting" (and I am using that word very sarcastically....) phone encounter. I would love for someone to tell me when the rules of "salemanship" changed!!! I come from a long line of self-employed business people. I was always under the impression that you catch more flies with honey...etc. etc. I had two different phone calls.....intercepted by each of my daughters.....from people who are (well....let's face it WERE) interested in getting me to give them money for one thing or another.....and both times it was "hinted at" that I was making a mistake....and perhaps even jeopardizing my business....by NOT engaging their services!!!! NEWS FLASH.....I don't need your services....or your attitude....so go find another.....well.....let's just leave it there, shall we???? I am going to ask a HUGE favor of each and every one of you. Please try to go out and make this a better week....no full moons, sun flares and clock adjustments....just the promise of Spring, flowers starting to bloom and birds singing. And, if you find it impossible to be kind to one another....stay home. At least until it passes. And, if you are trying to sell something.....don't call us....we'll call you!!! :):):)

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