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Monday, March 26, 2012

What a week!!!!

Well....what a difference a week makes!!! Last week, at this time, I was packing a picnic lunch to take on our Buck County/ Byers' Choice adventure....and this week the North wind doth blow!!!! Oh well....such is March I suppose. This has been an interesting week all the way around. A week of lessons, conversations, evaluations, commitments and invitations. We went on our adventure into Bucks County and we took our nieces with us (grown up....not children). It was the first visit to Byers' Choice....and Bucks County....for one of them!! We didn't need to be at Byers' until 5:30....so we took our time and meandered. We hit all of my favorite shops....and helped the small business economy...along the way. We visited gift shops, food establishments and greenhouses....like I said...all of my favorites :) It is refreshing to me to see what other small businesses are doing from time to time....and I notice EVERYTHING!! From what merchandise they decided to carry, to the displays, to the way they "bag" their sales....and, in the case of the food establishments...what they have decided to "carry" (or cook and/or bake) their displays and the way they "bag" their sales ;)!!! It's kinda like a "working" vacation :):):). Then we headed out to Byers'. This is always an interesting experience, too. They really know what they are "doing" both for their retailers and their customers....a trip through the Emporium is a real glimpse into their retail philosophy. When people come in they are there for the Carolers....but all of the merchandise that's for sale is complimentary to the Carolers and the "kind" of customer who buys them....always an interesting study for me....a learning opportunity. I have a tendency to turn everything into a learning opportunity...(aka...I think too much....which is a major contributor to my sleep deprivation...) but, I think it's important to learn!! So...on that note...what did I learn on Monday?? That I am pretty confidant that I am holding my own in the retail world. Nice. But....we cannot rest on our laurels!!! So.....a little evaluation into what merchandise has arrived, is about to arrive....or still needs to be ordered....for the spaces that will be left behind after Easter....check!! We are in good shape!! And then...conversations about us....and a few about "them" ( I never initiate those..or, really, "talk" for that matter...we must be good listeners....) what we are doing right (almost all of the time....thank goodness...) what "they" are not :( ....and, on occasion....what someone "thinks" WE are not....(I know the enchiladas are not "authentic"....I don't apologize for being different ...or doing things "my way".....I take PRIDE in it!!!! L-o-n-g  story!!!) A little more thought about this week's class....the first one of the Spring schedule....I take my commitments seriously....and we are seriously going to have FUN with this one....some major "hands on" stuff!!! :) And then, as if the week hadn't given me enough to think about (well into the wee hours....) invitations!! We will be joining the "Art in the Garden" event....and, if my good friend has her way...the Great Allentown Fair.....(more about all of that later!!) Whew!!  Like I said....what a difference a week makes!!!! Have a great Monday!!!!

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