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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Your "Happy" awaits.....

Well....officially, Spring arrives next week.....but there is NO doubt about it....in our neck of the woods....it's here!!!! The flowers and trees are starting to come back to life and the "itch" to get out in the garden is, almost, overwhelming!! Of course....the "itch" to get the inside of the house all ready for Spring is just as strong. Some more new merchandise has arrived....with more expected any day....and all of it will help you "scratch" those itches. We have all of the new merchandise to help you get your Spring cleaning done (not your favorite part, I know, but necessary never the less!!!) we have beautiful things to spruce up the inside....and wonderful things to spruce up the outside!! And....I have a few more orders to place this week!!! I am constantly on the prowl for the best new "happy makers"... Stocking the shop with amazing "stuff" makes me happy......making all of you happy makes me happy....This time of year makes me happy!!!! The chicks, bunnies and eggs....the flowers and "green" popping up everywhere...the birds singing....the sunshine....how can you be anything BUT happy????? Make sure you stop in and see us soon.....your "happy" awaits.....and, of course, if you throw a cupcake in the mix....you won't be able to stop smiling!!  :):):) Have a great day!!!

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