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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Are you "Pinning".......

Are you "pinning" ???? You really should check this out if you haven't already. The first time I checked into it...I thought it was interesting. But, I will be honest, I didn't really understand how it worked. Then....when I had a little time to REALLY check it out....I started to look at what other people were doing. You have to ask to be invited...and then there is a little anxiety....will they ALLOW me to "pin"??? But I was allowed. Then I had to navigate my way around all of the technicalities. But....with a little trial and error....that is no problem. Then you sit and stare at your blank boards and wonder what you should "pin"....and maybe even why. But....with a little web surfing....you start to see things that you think are interesting....or cool....or beautiful...and you find yourself wanting to "share" them. So....you start to "pin"....and then pin and pin and pin. (It's really easy to get lost in this, by the way....) But then, something really interesting happens.If you go back and look at your boards and all of the pictures...collectively...you see yourself. These boards can be "real" pictures of real parts of your life....or they can be "dreams & wishes"....you know....what your "dream" kitchen would look like....what you "wish" your garden looked like. It's not very often that we can have our dreams & wishes right in front of us. It's kind of like a diary....but of your daydreams!!! I am a believer in positive thinking. This takes it another step. You are positive pinning!!! Once you see those pictures of your "dream kitchen".....maybe you will start to take the necessary steps to make it a reality!! And....once you see those pictures of what you "wish" your garden looked like....maybe you will find yourself just digging in (the pun is intended :)) and learning how to make it happen!! If you would like to see what it's all about....you are more than welcome to follow me....pinterest.com/sweetmemories3....or you can just click on the button on the left side of my blog. I would love to hear your opinion and input on this subject!! You can leave a comment on here....or on my facebook page!! And as the "Pinterest Team" says....Happy Pinning!!!!!!

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