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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Do you believe in **magic**......

If there is magic in this world....I could sure use some. I am having technical meltdowns....left and right...and I am not too sure how to fix them. When Apple first came out with the IPad....I decided that it was the "portable" computer solution that I was looking for. I needed access to my e-mail and the web at work. I didn't want to get a whole computer "set up" though. Too much space....too much hassle....but I thought this would be the answer. I went up to the Apple store... did a little looking and a whole lot of asking....and bought an IPad. All was well, for a little while.I could take a picture....maybe of something new in the gift shop....maybe of some desserts right out of the oven....and post them on my Facebook. Presto.....there they were for all of you to see....like magic!! Then I could take even more pictures and e-mail them to myself so they were at my disposal, here at home, to be used on this Blog....again...like magic. I was able to keep all of you informed and entertained with the very essence of Sweet Memories....any time...day or night... **magic** !! Well....the magic isn't working. My pictures will not post. If I just write a post....without a picture....you can see it in your "news feed"....but if I add a picture...it just shows up on Sweet Memories home page....but you don't see it in your "feed". And...all of a sudden....I can't seem to send the pictures to myself, either. I e-mail them.....but the **magical** B-R-ing noise isn't there!!! The other night....we tried to load them directly to this computer....and that wouldn't work, either (too much explanation.....) Basically....almost all of the things that I bought my IPad for, to begin with, are not functioning. I have contacted Facebook....nothing....and I am being advised to go to the Apple store and let them take a look at it....but I don't think they can fix Facebook....and I have a feeling this is a combination problem. So much frustration. I don't need this. What I do need is to believe in the magic....and for you to, periodically, check in on the Sweet Memories homepage.....so you don't miss anything!! What DID we do before all of this technology??? (and the stress that goes along with it????) I don't know.....but I'll bet it was **magical**!!!!!

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