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Monday, April 2, 2012

Fiestaware....and memories!!

Good Morning and Happy April!!! This was one very exciting week. We started the classes again....lots of new and wonderful merchandise came in....had lots and lots of new people who, I hope, will become new friends...and, I think the most exciting thing of all, we got new plates!! Yes....it's the little things!!! :):):) I want to tell you a story about the new plates....they are Fiesta. I have a special fondness for Fiestaware. I think I have to back track a little bit. My MomMom was the biggest influence on who I am....it is because of her that I love to garden, to cook, to bake and love, and appreciate, antiques. Now, this is where the Fiesta comes in....a spent a lot of time with my MomMom....a lot. And much of that time was spent trying to coax me to eat.....I was a very picky kid. One of her favorites was "bread crusts make your hair curly" hahaha....I LOVE that one!!! Anyway....most of the "crusted" (as opposed to "crustless") sandwiches were served on her Fiestaware. I always loved these dishes....so, when she was downsizing, I got them!!! :) A little at a time, at first.....a few plates here....a bowl or two there....she would include a few pieces in my Christmas gifts....and my birthday....but, eventually.....I got it all!! And, it has resided in that very prominent location you see in this picture, ever since. It is the built in chimney cupboard of my kitchen....and, what you can see in the picture is a VERY small part of the whole collection.....(there are shelves and shelves above that....) Now....this brings me to this week. I have wanted to use Fiesta at the shop since....I can remember. It just seems right. The colors....the nostalgia....the memories....they all BELONG at Sweet Memories!!! So.....this was THE week. My Husband....the incredibly good sport that he is....ran all over the place to get them. Brought them in (while I was teaching the class....) and ran all of them through the dishwasher so they were ready to use on Thursday. (I just need you to understand that this was no small feat....this was plates, cups, saucers, bowls, little bowls and dessert plates!!!!!!) Both of my daughters have been good sports, too....because the cups are, considerably, smaller.....and need to be on a saucer (for the whole effect......) so they can carry less at a time...and they need to refill more often....so....more running. And....they have had to listen to a tiny bit of back lash from the guys who are calling them "tea cups"....but, I think they love them as much as I do....because they hold special memories for them, too. They have been in that place of honor you see in this picture their whole lives!!! So they remind them of their childhoods as well.....and all of those "crusted" sandwiches.....(and, for all of you who know the girls....I guess you can see which one ATE the crusts :):):) Now you know the story....and now you know why I am so excited about these plates!! We take a lot of pride in what we do....day in and day out. We strive to make your visit with us relaxing, fun, delicious....and memorable. But, above all else....we want you to feel like family....and these new dishes are just another way that we can do that. I hope you are planning to come and visit with us soon....so that you can enjoy these dishes, too....if you bring your "guys".....please tell them NOT to make a joke about the cup...and remember....if you want curly hair....you have to eat the crust!!! :):):)

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