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Monday, April 9, 2012

Stressed spelled backward...

Happy day after Easter!!! I hope it was wonderful!! We are celebrating ours today. Due to scheduling issues....we could get more of us together today than yesterday. This is what happens when the kids grow up and have lives of their own....and it's all OK. In fact...it's more than OK....if I had to choose between sitting down and eating Easter dinner together....and their happiness....I would opt for their happiness!! To tell the truth....my husband and I were still recovering from Saturday....and I was much too tired to cook a big meal yesterday!!! You know....there are very funny cards and signs that say "Stressed spelled backward is Desserts" which is true.....but, in my life, Desserts spelled backward is Stressed!! Let me explain. Many, many years ago I started down the road that has led to Sweet Memories....I baked (and baked and baked...) all kinds of custom cakes and desserts for an ever growing list of devoted customers. I knew what I wanted to accomplish....but I also knew that you have to walk before you run. Starting small....and accumulating success one step at a time... is the key to reaching your goals. "Overnight" success is short lived....it has no foundation underneath it. That said....I have spent the better part of 20 some years doing what I love with the intention of getting where I want to be....and I am there. Where I want to be is baking, from scratch, in SMALL quantities....the old-fashioned way. The best way. I want all of the goodies that leave our store to be fresh, taste awesome and look like they are "homemade".....because they ARE....(just not in YOUR home:):) ). I am not...at all....interested in doing large scale baking. Now, having said all of that....we come to the "stressed" part. We have grown...and grown and grown....over the last 17 years that we have been "Sweet Memories"...this is a GREAT thing....and I am beyond thrilled. The problem is....I am not willing to change who we are and what we do to get BIGGER....physically. I still want to, personally, bake all of the desserts that leave our store. In order for me to do that...I have to know my limitations...and I do. So we take orders....and some of my customers place them MONTHS in advance....until I feel stressed....until I feel like I shouldn't take any more for fear of not being able to handle it all and get it all done. And then we STOP taking orders....and tell you all....very honestly....that we are "booked"....that we are "full"......that I am at my limit. We always schedule the "pick up" between 2:00 and 5:00....and I am, usually, done....or almost done....by that time. Not this Holiday!!!! I had more than one person waiting for their cake....sometimes simultaneously. Yes....that's how many orders we took this year. So.....now that it's over...and I can see straight....we will be changing the "pick up" time for the next Holiday to between 3:00 and 5:00....to give me a little more time.....because I don't want to take fewer orders....but I, also, don't need the stress. And....now that it's over....and I can see straight....I am pretty confident that each and every time we answered the question "You can't do just one more cake" with a "no".....(and we said that A LOT) that it was the right answer!!! Like I said...."Stressed" spelled backward is "Desserts".....but, for me, it's the other way around! Of course, I wouldn't change it for anything.....and I don't plan to.


  1. I ate here with a friend for the first time on Sunday and I can't stop dreaming about the next time I can visit! The pancakes were amazing..how did I grow up in Schnecksville and NEVER hear about this place? I will be taking my parents there next time I visit them. Thank you!

    1. Thank you.....that's so sweet!!! And we look forward to seeing you, and your parents, soon!!!