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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Neglecting for the greater good.....

Oh my....again!! I really don't mean to fall so far behind on my blogging duties....really I don't!!! May is a very intense month in my world. Mother's day is THE busiest day in the restaurant world....hands down. It is, also, the "get those gardens in shape and get your planting done or you will miss the boat" month!!!And.... May is the "deadline" month for a lot of my really important gift shop orders. I have to have my Halloween candy order in....my "pre-sell" Christmas candy and my candy cane order in as well!! I also try to have my "most important" Halloween merchandise order in or I am likely to hear....no, that's out of stock...when I finally do get around to it!! On top of all of that....I need to take a really good look at where my "holes" are (usually from Mother's Day and the "I want my garden to look gorgeous" sales :):):)) and see what I can do to fill them up....and all of my reps want to get the Fall-Halloween and Christmas orders in....oh, and then we had the classes, too!!! Like I said....May is VERY intense!! I am happy to report, though, that the orders are in,(even the all important candy:) ) and I have met with all of my reps....we have amazing merchandise on it's way...some to make your home and garden a great place to relax this Summer and some to help you make this Fall and Halloween....and Christmas....the best one yet!!! I have a Summertime/ Nostalgia candy order in route as we speak....and some really fun new things for "right now" will get here soon....things that I am VERY excited about!!! I will keep you posted....I promise!!! I just wanted you to know that I am "neglecting" you for the greater good....and you WILL thank me later!! All of you "nesters" and collectors and Holiday fanatics.....I have your back!!! Stop in and see us soon....you DON"T want to miss anything!!!! :):):)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Please be patient....all of the operators are currently busy!!

This week has been, almost, as crazy busy as last week.....If you are, patiently, waiting for the next "class" so you can add some more to your Fairy Garden....( and I HOPE you are looking forward to adding more to your Fairy Garden...) I will get that done...I promise!! Just stay tuned....we had our last class for the Spring, this week....lots and lots of prep to do for that....and we had to "whip" the front garden into shape....there is a function in town, this weekend....and they will be stopping to "look" at us on the tour....can't have an unruly garden!! Plus....I have been busy ordering some more amazing and exciting merchandise for your shopping pleasure....then, of course, there is that small matter of cooking and baking....:) Hang in there.....I will be back....promise!!!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day...???

Ahhh....Mother's Day.....a day of celebration!! Or....in our case....a day of running, running, running!!! It is, hands down, the busiest day of the year for us...there are quite a few that come in a close second....but it is the busiest!! This year...it started on Friday....which, to be honest, is a blur!! Then Saturday was non-stop....desserts, gifts, gift certificates, more desserts....fully booked for lunch reservations...go, go, go!!! And then we come to Sunday itself....well over 100 for Brunch and almost 40 for Sunday Supper!!! We cooked so much food on Sunday....wow!! The Brunch dishes were selling very evenly....(which makes me happy....because I feel like I have done something right...) but the carrot cake pancakes were a particular hit!! So many nice people....so many of our "regulars" ie extended family....hopefully all had a great time. I was wished a Happy Mother's day over and over....but, I have to be honest...it's not my favorite. Now, you are probably wondering why?? We were full....and I mean FULL....for 3 solid days...from a business stand point...it doesn't get any better!!! We had lots and lots of our "SM Family" join us!! Love that!! Of course....I don't get to celebrate....but that doesn't matter to me. We are used to celebrating things on "off" days....no big deal!! Compliments galore, BIG sales in the gift shop, lots of happy people....what's the problem?? Right??? We start to get reservations, and dessert orders, for Mother's Day in January....no I'm NOT kidding!! We were full....completely FULL....weeks ago. That means every spot at every table....all day long. But the phone rings and rings....many just hopeful that they will get lucky and that there will be a cancellation...or an "extra" cake lying around....but there are just as many who get nasty. Yes....I said nasty. We are hung up on....talked to like we are just a little "stupid"....like maybe we just don't understand the request....and it gets worse all the time!! I am getting on my soapbox....hold on....and then we have THREE tables of no call/ no shows. Not cool!! We fed well over 100....and turned at least that many away!!! If you aren't going to make the reservation, after all......CALL!!! I have the "this is just how it is...." conversation SO MANY TIMES!!! No one RSVPs, returns calls, answers e-mails....cancels appointments!!! I know this probably doesn't apply to you....but I feel that we need to make a stand!! If this has happened to you....don't take it anymore!! This "new trend" is AWFUL!!! And I think all of us....the kind and courteous ones....need to stick up for ourselves!!! OK...I will get down off of the soapbox....I am going out to lunch....and then to the bookstore...I got a gift certificate from my daughter and her fiancee for Mother's Day...:) and....I got one from my other daughter, and her boyfriend, to one of my favorite stores (a wool shop down the road owned by a very good friend of mine:):):):)) so that will be another day...AND our pool gets opened today!!! We made it, we survived....and I am very proud of all of us (future son-in-law did dishes ALL day long....welcome to the family!!!) for a great job well done!! I will continue to do what I do....and I will NOT allow the mean people of the world to win.....if you are with me....feel free to leave a comment....I WILL answer it....I ALWAYS do!!!!   :):):)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Fairy World awaits.....

"When the first baby laughed for the very first time, The laugh broke into a thousand pieces, And they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies."-- Sir James M. Barrie, Peter Pan. ..........Are your pencils sharp.... notebooks at the ready??? Here we go.....
          This is a picture of my "portable" Fairy Garden from last Summer. As you can see....it is quite "decorated"...furniture, an arbor, a birdhouse, wheelbarrow, watering can, fence....and, like I said in the last class...if that is as far as you go in the making of your fairy garden...that's fine. You will have created a miniature world full of whimsy that makes you happy....and that is the goal. But....there is so much more to Fairy Gardening. This garden is full of herbs....which all have meanings and magical qualities. As I said before...the fairies love all living plants. But, there are a few that are their particular favorites....like thyme and foxglove. Thyme....they dance in the thyme on Midsummer's Eve. I always make sure I have plenty in my Fairy Garden (there is some in the garden pictured here!!!) Thyme is used to promote health and healing, it is used in love potions and it means courage. Foxglove is a favorite flower of the fairies....they use it in their wardrobe!! They wear the bell shaped flowers as hats....and if you look real closely....the tiny little dots inside of the flowers are fairy fingerprints!! I would recommend these two plants as an excellent start to your fairy garden....and I would, also, recommend that you look around for miniature decorations for your garden. Those are the things that make it "enchanted"....and that's what we are striving for here....I mean...let's face it....the world could use a little more enchantment!! I will be back, soon, for another installment of our adventure into the world of Fairies....in the meantime....go buy some thyme....;););)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Do you believe....in fairies????

Do you believe in fairies?? I hope so. The world is full of stress and heartache....but not in the fairy world!! I have been "fairy gardening" for years and years....way before it was "in"!! I have loved herbs and flowers and studied their meanings....and the magic they possess. A fairy garden is just, naturally, the next step! Now....the term "fairy garden" is open to interpretation. For some....it means lots of "fairy" accessories in their existing garden. I am fine with that...(and you can find lots and lots of GREAT accessories at Sweet Memories....just saying!! :)) but, if you want to, you can take it to the next level. Basically, in the magical world, fairies love, and care for, flowers and herbs...( there are some tree fairies, too....but we can talk about that later :)...) so all you have to do is plant a garden. However....there are some flowers and herbs that will ENSURE that the fairies will come to live in your yard....that's what this "class" will be all about!! In each "class" I will talk about two or three different flowers or herbs....and why they are fairy favorites....and discuss their magical properties. I will, also, tell you what to look for in your search for the fairies, themselves. For example....they love a good party!! Have you ever noticed the shells of seeds and nuts all together in one spot?? You probably found the remnants of a fairy feast!! And....they use spider webs to hang their washing to dry.....ever spotted a leaf or a flower petal stuck in a spider web?? Hmmm....coincidence??? I don't think so!!! :):):) I hope you will "follow" me and join in on this magical fun. I can guarantee you won't find any stress here.....fairies..yes....but no stress!! And....if you have any comments or questions....please feel free to post them on here....I will be happy to answer them! Stay tuned for the next class....and come prepared to take notes....you don't want to miss anything!!! Have a great night!! :):):)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Fairy Garden Adventure......

Happy May!!! Are you ready for some gardening?? If you have "liked" my Sweet Memories Facebook page....you know that I have another page....devoted to the "1803 House: A Very Merrie Halloween" Fall and Halloween Event held on the 1st Saturday in October. You also know that I have come up with a, somewhat, Halloween-y subject to talk about on THAT blog for the next couple of months. (I want to talk about the event... to keep everyone excited about it....but I don't  want to go on and on about the "planning" stuff....) Well....I realized that, while the idea of a "magic garden" is alluring....there is another side to it that is equally so!! The meanings and uses of herbs is a passion of mine....but so is Fairy Gardening. So....I have decided to make this a duel project. You can "follow" this blog to learn all about Fairy Gardens....and you can "follow" my other blog to learn all about magical gardens....they do go hand in hand, after all!! Now....I will give it my very best....as far as keeping up with the writing of these blogs....but please have patience with me!! :) I am, still, teaching classes (a lot of prep work...) running our business, taking care of both the garden at the shop...and here at home, attending the 1803 House meetings....and squeezing time in for my family!! But, I would like to encourage you to "follow" both of my blogs....and take notes!! If you have ANY interest in these subjects....I will guarantee to get you "hooked" in no time!! Please feel free to post questions or comments....and get those garden muscles ready....we are going to have some fun!!